The Truth About NATLFED

Where’s the Money?

This first section is a posting of a message sent to me privately, with the original author granting permission.  Some of the links are outdated, but as the original author notes, it shows the amounts of money flowing into the Organization.  There was a time when the Organization shunned any kind of funding with strings attached or expenditure accountability.

I guess it sure does beat bucket driving all the time 😉

NATLFED organizations solicit grants from private foundations, and the foundations are required to disclose who they fund. The following organizations have issued grants to NATLFED entities:

The John Templeton Foundation gave $6,000 to CVSA in 2004 and $6,000 in 2005.
John Templeton Foundation
300 Conshohocken State Rd
W Conshohocken, PA 19428-3801
(610)825-1730 FAX (broken link)
The Halcyon Hill Foundation gave $20,000 to ESWA in 2005-2006
Halcyon Hill Foundation
P.O. Box 506, Webster, NY 14580
315-524-6240 FAX
The Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation gave $50,000 to ESWA Rochester in 2004
1600 South Avenue
Suite 250, Rochester
NY 14620-3921
(585) 461-4950
(585) 461-9752 FAX
E-mail (broken link)
The Illinois Bar foundation gave $7,000 to the Midwest Workers Association in 2002, and $5,000 in 2003, 2004, and 2005, but nothing in 2006-2007.
424 South Second St.
Springfield, IL 62701
(217) 525-1760
U.S. Bancorp Foundation in 2004 gave $(?) to WSWA

The Presbyterian Committee on the self-development of people gave $100,000 to WFWA Hillsboro in 2001.

Presbyterian church USA gave $20,000 to ESWA Rochester in 2005
Presbyterian Committee on the Self-development of People
100 Witherspoon St
Louisville, KY 40202-1396
888-728-7228 ext 5782
Sisters of the Living Word gave $1,000 to Midwest Workers Association in 2007
800 N. Fernandez Avenue
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
The Episcopal Charities Appeal of the Diocese of Long Island gave $10,000 to EFWA LI in 2002
Espioscopal Charities
36 Cathederal Ave
Garden City, NY 11530
(516)248-4800 x 19
(718)345-4800 x 19 (broken link)
The Long Island Unitarian Universalist Fund gave $12,500 to EFWA in 2004.
Long Island Community Foundation
1864 Muttontown Road
Syosset, NY 11791
(516)348-0570 FAX
The Gifford Foundation gave $10,000 to EFWA in 2006
126 North Salina Street
100 Clinton Square
Syracuse, NY 13202
315-475-4983 FAX
Parish of Trinity Church in New York gave $30,000 to EFWA over two years 2003-2004.
Trinity Church: 212-602-0800
Trinity Church & St. Paul’s Chapel
74 Trinity Place
New York, NY 10006


NEJA Tax Records (Public) as a 501(c)3

Type National Equal Justice Association in the search box.  Leave the rest blank.

Father Art (deceased) and Barb Elcombe are Mandy Reid’s parents.  The 1111 1-A apartment was “rented out” in the name of Barb in 1995 or 1996, nicknamed “BE’s”.  I remember Art’s visit to NOC and listening to this man, who appeared angelic and blessed, talking about overthrowing the government.  It seemed surreal. Gail Williamson, the Secretary-Treasurer, used to work out of National as one of Gino’s receptionists up until his death.

You’ll notice there are a number of sizable donations to various entities, all of which are NATLFED affiliates.  It would be a mistake to assume that the entities were allowed to keep those dollars.  If you received a check in the mail, you usually were briefed on how to dispose of the dollars.  Typically, the preferred method was to cash the checks and send the money to National or COSHAD via courier (a loyal cadre, not FEDEX).  Another method was to transfer the money from the entity account to a personal account in the name of a loyal cadre, then that person write a check to one of the business operations such as Women’s Press Collective under pretext of payment for services rendered.

There isn’t any money in organizing a true cause.  Sure, some organizations pay their directors good dollars while volunteers do all the hard work.  They deliver food baskets and stuff, they’re the saints in the community, that sort of thing.

Walk into any NATLFED entity and tell me what you see.  Or rather, what you don’t see.  You’ll find old desks, clunky typewriters, card catalogs, filing cabinets, unmatched furniture, etc.

Most of the time the entities are on the verge of getting their lights cut off or are late enough on the rent that the landlord is threatening to evict.  It’s hard to evict a community saint, so he’ll give them the extra week to try to come up with the money.

Few entities actually own their buildings.  NSWA doesn’t really own its office.  It belongs to the Lon and Charlotte Christensen, their private little retirement in case the revolution fails.  If Gino were alive, he would have made them put the deed in the name of the Organization.  The upstairs isn’t considered part of the entity operations; it is their private apartment.  They solicit community donations to pay for their retirement home.

There was a time when Gino wanted property investments in the entity buildings.  He wanted concrete ownership.  One former cadre alleged this was so he could liquidate assets in a hurry if he had to.  Whatever.  I don’t know if that is something that Margaret continues to strive for or if the entities continue their monthly rent routines.

All operations in the Provisional Party are mandated to submit a minimum of 10% of all monies to the National Office.  That includes all EFWA, ESWA, WPC, POC, CHA, whatever A or O you can come up with because it is mandatory.  When someone tells you that you can write the check out to NEJA as that is the tax-deductible organization within the Party, you can bet your butt the entity will never see the money.  It’s going straight into the national coffers.

Sometimes special big-ticket donors belong exclusively to the national office, whether or not the big-ticket realizes it.  The de Koonings, as example, even though Suffolk cadre did all the work every donation from them went straight to the national office.

Back in the old days, the dollars went to expanding Party operations including business ventures such as security firms, forges, advertising consortia and banks.  Yes, they had some bank operations.  Most of those operations were closed at Gino’s request shortly before he died.  Others were allowed to fade quietly into the sunset.

The dollars were also used to buy guns.  After all, how can you have a revolution without guns?  After Gino died, the Organization got rid of the guns, favoring a “passive” revolution instead.  Well, they got rid of most of them.   They forgot about the ones in the hidden compartments in the dumb waiter that the cops finally found in 1996.

While the entities remained in an impoverished state, the new Party Chair began indulging.  What kind of organizer walks around wearing $25,000 diamond earrings?  The senior leadership began enjoying the wealth that the entities struggled to provide.  Those that challenged the new system were branded as heretics, traitors, liars, crazy people, etc.

No, my curious readers, the money isn’t really the issue.  There’s a lot of fascination about where the money goes and I think people would be surprised to find out about the national leaders’ shopping sprees along 5th Avenue and Rodeo Drive.

How does the Party survive?  How do they get people to join and commit to a cause when the leaders are running around in stretch limos with fabulous furs and jewelry?

People like to talk about ex-cadres that were conned out of their inheritances.  The reality is that most of the money comes from the hard-working organizing drives.  The spectacular instances of an heiress donating a million dollars are just that — spectacular and rare.  When the organizing drives don’t make enough money, they get the crap from the national office.  When they’re making the money but don’t have any new recruits, they get the crap from the national office again.  Recruitment is way down, from what I understand.  I guess they would rather have the money.

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