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Users Losers

It’s been an interesting time, searching the web and going through the various discussion groups on NATLFED.  There is one that offers a document under the file name userslosers.  This particular group is closed except for ex-cadres and current cadres.

The document is dated February 25, 1996, apparently retyped from a handwritten document.  What is interesting to note is that the document was originally dictated by Gino in 1985.

“Because of recent flooding of our entities by boozers, users, born losers, police agents, informants, spies, quislings, traitors, turncoats, wayward internal cadres and probationals, the following procedure is to be used in the cases of multiple AWOLS, internal cadre with legal, alcohol, financial, drug problems,  history of insubordination or breaches of discipline.”

Yes, it is interesting.  In 1985-86, the Organization suffered such an influx of persons.  NOC had a resident alcoholic, a diabetic no less who would run off, get completely drunk and return to pass out on the front lawn.  One of the Politbureau staff was a user, running off for several days at a time and returning when he was coming down.  Several recruits that came to NOC were previously homeless persons that appreciated good food and a place to sleep but also kept wiggling out of various duty assignments.

The various bedrooms were no longer viable as workspace, always filled with cadre that were “down” because they were “sick” but willing to get up to go out on a PRO run, then going back “down” again.  There were also the cadres that operated on the revolving door principle, running away every time their feelings were hurt but coming back because they realized they had “nowhere else to go.”

Several cadres that had left the Organization after the raids came back, setting various demands.  One was even found in the 1115 basement setting up a portable phone by making a connection with one of the tenant’s phones.  Rumors of traitors and spies abounded.

Not all users had the habit of running away to get their fix.  Some cadres that went on patrol had connections.  I came back from one patrol and in the debriefing mentioned that we met one of the locals, “Benny”, and the other cadre tried to shut me up.  Let’s just say we were immediately separated because I was the doofus that didn’t realize the other cadre was buying pot.

This was during the time that the Organization was still adjusting to the fact that Gino was unable to walk, confined to a wheelchair and pretty much the first floor apartment.  Rarely did he leave the apartment complex.  Numbers were down and recruitment was top priority.

The entities started picking up slowly in recruitment practices, but the persons were coming from dire situations.  The International Window Washers Union supplied several cadre recruits, as far as I know only one actually stuck with it.  In case you’re from one of the field entities you’re probably wondering what this union was about.  You know sometimes when you stop your car at a red light and some homeless guy runs up to your car to wash your windows?  That was the union.

So you see, I find it interesting that the document had to be re-issued during a time within Margaret’s first year of power.  So many cadres were driven out by a variety of means, emotional and psychological abuse being the preferred method.  Physical abuse was the last resort.

In pursuit of the “better fewer but better” strategy, I think it interesting that the new recruitment campaign failed so miserably.  One would think that the “better” ones would do better at recruiting quality cadres, but apparently the Organization had to replete the ranks and started taking just about anyone.  Maybe they were just sloppy about it, trying to appease the new leadership requirement.  I don’t know.

Of course, just because someone was loyal to Margaret doesn’t necessarily mean that they were ideal cadres.  A fair number had their various issues, health problems, legal issues, etc.  These were the persons directing the recruitment campaigns, and for that document to be reissued should raise a flag.  No wonder everyone’s crying cult.

Going on a camp crew?  Have an airhead cheerleader thinking about going?  The big dumb burly boyfriend isn’t so sure.  What do you say?  “You’d look a lot more threatening holding the baseball bat than me.  You’d better come along too.”  Hey, the line worked.  Hey, he ended up as an Operations Manager too while Miss Cheer Full ended up in a trailer park.  They don’t get the college kids anymore.

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