The Truth About NATLFED

The Spider is in the Web

Yes, the spider is in the web waiting for the delectable morsel to walk into its trap.

NATLFED entities are establishing web presence as never before seen.  I suppose it is their way of catching up to the modern world.  For almost twenty years or longer, former cadres and burnt out supporters have blogged in various forums about their experiences to expose the truth about National Labor Federation.

Oldie never trusted the internet.  True, he had an AOL subscription such that he could get news articles from around the world including Reuters and have access to flight information.  Back in 1984, it was still a very primitive service.  I remember when we made the upgrade from the 300 baud modem to the 9,600 baud modem.  I also remember the primitive fax machines averaging 4-6 minutes per page transmission rate.  There was the “dumb” terminal that served as the telex console in the FC Staff Office.

He did not trust the internet because of how it came to be.  I am sure some college kid will delight in telling me how “off” I am with the following explanation that he provided and that is fine.  It started as the DARPNET, Department of Army Research Project Network, a series of government and private computers using a network to exchange information.  Primitive at first but it still allowed researchers to exchange information quickly.  It eventually expanded to include public consumers with basic services.  Today, well hell’s bells it is a huge thing.  You’re here reading this, right?

Today’s search engines are much better at generating good hits.  I remember fifteen years ago that a search query could generate over a million hits and you had to slog through the mire to find what you were looking for.  I liked Mamma dot Com because it was a smart search engine, maybe fifty or so hits but pretty good hits.  Other search engines have finally caught up to sophisticated searching to yield good hits.  I think everyone knows that the first three to five pages are pretty good results (after that you start delving into the world of jerks who tie in common search terms to link to their dirty sites with trojans, viruses or just flat out pornography).

Oldie died in 1995 and Margaret took control.  Yes, there were changes implemented to make the Organization not appear as a cult.  It makes sense that sooner or later it would start establishing a web presence.  To not be on the web suggests something to hide, something sinister, something evil.

This blog will soon celebrate its first year anniversary in February.  I am personally pleased that it shows up fairly high in the search engine hits.  Wikipedia usually shows up first, which slightly annoys me but there is another former cadre who seems genuinely interested in fixing what some spontaneous jerks like to put into that article.

I can only surmise the Organizational strategy with its entry into the web.  Entities appear in news articles, which former cadres try to locate and comment on as often as possible.  They are also showing up in on-line church bulletins, other web sites post blurbs advertising tactics such as Halloween parties, partner associations advertise internships (they do not know the full story), etc.  The Boston entity is the first to offer an official website, starting out as just a single web page posting of a flier but evolving with tabs and photos.  It suggests to me that other sites will follow.

To say this is in reaction to all the negative web accounts would be wrong, in my opinion.  To say this is in reaction to our blog is also just as wrong.  Others have been blogging a lot longer.  Elizabeth has a blog that seems inactive now but it’s been around for a long time.  Rico has his blog (click on his Site Meter and you will see over 10,000 hits).  This blog hopes to offer a different perspective.  We enjoy a committed core of regular readers and hope to make our Updates page a valuable tool to facilitate your searches on the latest information available.

There are some relics on the web that remain of past blogging efforts.  We really did not know there was another blog called The Truth About NATLFED on the Wayback Machine when we started this blog.  That was why we added the tag line As Told by Former Insiders.  The other blog was put together by parents and friends of current and former cadres.  Portland IMC remains posted.  I wonder if Mitchell achieved what he hoped for when he started that discussion.

There are also some tireless workers who devote time checking the web for updates, contacting organizations who forge relationships with the various entities (unaware of the hidden agenda), sharing links with others and posting comments or adding to the discussions.  I do not want to see others make the same mistakes I did.  Jeff has been attacked even by former cadres because his participation was limited to a few months.  Robin tries to be a voice of reason, a former EFWA OPS for twelve years in the Organization.

You see, NATLFED is entering the web realm, using it to lure in people and resources.  It took a long time but they are finally here.  That is why I am asking other bloggers to go back to their blogs, dust off the cobwebs, make sure you have good links and encourage participants to start discussions again.  If you have not blogged before, perhaps you would like to start your own blog.  WordPress and Blogspot are both free.

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