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The Lost World and more

We live in a society where things that were once good enough are now reinvented over and over again.  It being a rare day off for me, I am sitting down and watching some DVD’s.

Jurassic Park is a good movie, in my opinion, considering that it is a reinvention.  Instead of a bunch of intrepid explorers finding a secret plateau where dinosaurs exist, man has utilized modern science to recreate the creatures.  Ah, but to find intact DNA proved a challenge, so these scientists use amphibian DNA to fill in the gene sequences.  That basically “covered everyone’s asses” in the event that current digs revealed things that seem disparate with the movies. 

I still like the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle version.  Of course, in his storyline, the suffragette was not allowed to undertake the expedition with the men.  How many of you can cite the movie version without a woman going along?

The same holds true for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (with one exception that I am aware of) where Conseil is typically replaced by a woman — a daughter, an assistant, a fellow professor, whatever the case may be.  Try reading the book.  Perhaps it is better in the original French, I do not know.  I do not speak French.  Project Gutenberg has a downloadable copy.

I like the book Journey to the Center of the Earth, especially considering the period of time in which it was written.  The same holds true, a woman goes along, they find a lost world of dinosaurs and primitive societies, etc.  The most recent incarnation I saw involved a military experiment with teleporters, a squad of luscious women being used as the guinea pigs, getting stuck in the middle of the earth somewhere and a rescue team going in after them with a burrowing drill machine.  (That version was clearly written by a man.  I am surprised that the women did not just start engaging in certain affairs while stranded.).

For whatever reason, there is a necessity to reinvent stories.  Usually, it is to appeal to a certain audience.  As time goes by, audiences change and stories are reinvented.  Even Wonder Woman is getting a makeover.

The thing about this blog that sets it apart from other blogs is the lack of reinvention.  I am sure that I will receive some e-mails saying that is a load of cow chips.  True, I do not take the approach of embedding links to every news article concerning NATLFED or even copying them in this blog.  Someone else has a very good blog that does that and includes commentaries.

I am not here to shock and awe you.  Rather, I have taken a different approach and have tried to bring you a perspective that you will not find anywhere else.  NATLFED remains a controversial organization.  Those of us who were in it know the things that happened.  Every now and then the apologists come along trying to discredit the things that are said.

There are some entering forums who are (for lack of a better expression) flat-out making up things.  That is something I have tried to address with some recent articles.  Why would someone get it in his/her head that NATLFED is taking over the Catholic Church?  Be reasonable.  The Catholic Church is too high-profile and there is no way the Papacy is going to sit still and let Margaret just waltz in to take control.

How can you decide what is true and what is fiction?  I have no magic words of wisdom.  If you were there, you know the truth.  Very few people are willing to publicly tell their stories.  I know — I have been soliciting persons to share their experiences for a while.  I even posted an advertisement.  Only two bites, one was somewhat serious but the other was someone who spilled her guts in an e-mail and then said she would sue me if I printed any of it.  (I had reason to doubt the veracity of her story because she was supposedly at NOC the same time as me.).

If you want a good site to go to, I cannot recommend a definitive site.  It is up to you to seek others in the various forums, establish a communication and make a decision.  If this personal weblog helps you, good.  If you think it is a bunch of cow chips, that is good too.  At least you are taking the time to read it and form an opinion.

Ah, time to watch the new Transformers movie.  Maybe later.  I am feeling rather like reading a little bit of Jules Verne for some reason.

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