The Truth About NATLFED

The Actors’ Parade

This is a different type of proscenium, in case you failed to get the joke.

There are a variety of persons that check out web sites and blogs about National Labor Federation, each with a specific interest or purpose.  The same can be said about people who check out other sites.

I have noticed several categories:

These are the folks that are seriously trying to find out about National Labor Federation.  They can be subdivided as follows:

  • They are considering some level of participation or providing resources to one of the affiliate organizations.  Maybe they are already volunteering and something raises a red flag.
  • The person has a friend or family member who has become involved with the Organization.  They are concerned and are uncertain what they will find out.
  • The person has read an article somewhere talking about a local organization in their area and their curiosity is piqued.

Persons that were full-time Party members who, for one reason or another, departed the Organization.  They too can be subdivided.  Gino used to refer to such persons as the ex-cadre network.

  • Listeners: the ones that monitor the blogs quietly, rarely participating (if at all) in the discussions.  They are curious as to what others are saying.
  • Agitators: the ones that like to stir the pot.  They dismiss what others have to say, criticize others participating in the discussion.  They may even exaggerate their past participation in the Organization.
  • Game players: these are the ones that are out to screw around with the participants.  They have yet to abandon the game playing that they learned while in the Organization, pitting persons against each other, gaining some sort of sick satisfaction out of the process.
  • Participants: the ones that want to speak about their experiences, maybe even reconnect with some that they lost touch with after leaving the Organization.  What they say is usually accurate and heartfelt.
  • On a mission: those that are out to tell the story, no matter what the consequences.  They have a unique passion.  They were hurt, perhaps, and want to hurt back the Organization.  While sometimes they have some facts wrong, they get involved in every discussion.

Current cadres
While some of us hope they are looking for a way out of the Organization, the reality is that the current cadres participating in the discussions are on a mission.  These are some of the tactics they employ:

  • Trolling: stirring the pot in such a way as to upset those participating in the conversations.
  • Sock puppets: setting up multiple accounts in an attempt to make it appear that several persons agree with their position.
  • Venom: agitating the conversation to the point that emotions run very hot and persons begin ranting in such a way as to appear as if the participants are crazy.  Eventually, persons become so frustrated with the course of the conversation that persons drop out from participating and the blog falls to the wayside.

Their goal is to shut down the blogs and discussions.  They are usually successful because they manage to engage the entire discussion panel and discussions quickly disintegrate.  Even after they leave the discussions, the damage is done

They have a secondary agenda to try to recruit select persons back to the Organization.  They look for those that still have sympathies for the cause, ones who had a proven track record as successful organizers, those looking for something and could not find it anywhere else.  It is this secondary agenda that causes others to use internet handles instead of their real names.

These are the people who have a specific professional interest in researching the Organization.  They could be a therapist trying to help a patient or perhaps one of the cult specialists just looking to learn more about the Organization.  They could be a news reporter seeking to do an article.  They could be a school counselor looking to help a student.  These persons will read what has been written and usually do not participate in discussions.  Their interest is usually on an “at the moment” basis.

The ones that stumble upon the blogs by accident.  Something catches their attention.  Maybe a sick fascination or a genuine interest.  They decide to monitor and/or become involved in the blogging.

The Actors’ Parade
Just as the actors walk across the stage after a production to take their final bow, so too do the persons that assemble for the NATLFED discussions.  We come for our own reasons and take what we want or need.  Then we move on.

I hope this brings about an understanding of why some blogs have failed.  Once something is out there on the internet, it is there “forever” for everyone to see.  Perhaps this blog will one day meet the same fate as others, but someone will come along and start something new.  There may be limited interest at first until it gets going, then the attacks will start, the venom, etc.

If you take anything from this, remember the innocents.  They are the ones looking for help. Keep in mind the professionals, the ones that are dedicated to helping someone.

We are the experts about NATLFED.  We were there.  We lived and breathed the history.  We tried to make the revolution.  We learned it was not to be.  There are those that may say we are full of it.  So be it.

It is interesting, the concept of truth.  So many things were said.  We believed it all.  There were games that were played, persons pitted against each other when we were in the Organization.  I remember one time when a cadre verbally attacked me on the liaison floor by loudly declaring that I was not to be trusted because Gino threatened to blow my brains out for being “counter-revolutionary”.  What could I say?  That if I was truly a counter-revolutionary he would have pulled the trigger.  Yeah, it shut up the person.

Gino said many things to different people.  It is difficult to sort out the fact from the fiction.  If you care to share, please do.

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