The Truth About NATLFED

Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements can be conducted as part of a targeted campaign or arranged as a target of opportunity.  Interested contacts may even offer to assist with setting up a speaking engagement in front of their church or group.

For some groups, a novice speaker can do very well as listeners may be patient.  A ten minute spiel usually focuses on the benefits aspect of the work with solicitations for donations or organizing canned food drives, clothing drives, etc.  It is a training opportunity.

There are times when a more experienced organizer is required to deliver the speaking engagement.  It depends upon the particular audience as well as objective of the engagement.  If speaking to a college class where cadre recruitment is part of an overall campaign, an experienced organizer should attend.

The benefits of speaking engagements can be many, with little effort invested by organizers.  A group can be rallied to organize drives or help with a canvass.  It offers the opportunity to address a group of attentive persons.

A brief explanation of the organizing history is rendered.  Many of the organizing drives today have twenty or more years of history, which is an impressive fact for audiences.  The revolutionary agenda is not discussed in these forums.  Current campaigns are always accentuated.  Several mainstay campaigns include winter survival, back to school and holidays.  Special campaigns such as a picket line, newly developing WBC subcommittees, a particular health issue in a community, etc. may also be addressed.

If there is a target of opportunity, that too can be addressed — hurricane relief efforts, neighborhood disasters such as an apartment complex fire, other natural disasters, etc.

There is always the passing of the bucket and a sign up sheet.  People who belong to assembled groups usually have interest in helping the community, which makes them ideal for inviting to participate in organizational activities.

It is another way the organizations reach out to community members.

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