The Truth About NATLFED

People Change in the Organization

I wanted to take a moment to address this aspect.  When we speak of persons at NOC, they may not be the person you once knew when they were in the field (or even before they joined the Organization).  Some people are having a hard time accepting that a person they were particularly fond of would become dissidents, as they were founders.  Others have a hard time believing that a “gentle soul” would resort to organizing a gang of thugs to try to bully people to follow her command.  These were things that occurred when Gino was still alive and just a couple of examples.

Unfortunately, there are many examples of persons acting in a manner that would be considered contrary to their original style of operation, their original personal way of thinking or believing.

If you like movies, let me ask you this.  Have you seen Men In Black 2?  If you have, you undoubtedly remember the scene where Agent J has to bring Agent K out of retirement.  Agent K is working in a post office, of all places.  Despite neuralization, there are many aspects of his life as a former agent that still come across including his barking of orders for containment.

When people join the Organization, they change.  They are no longer a typical person.  They are a soldier of the international dedicated to overthrowing the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and installing the dictatorship of the proletariat.   They are molded to the Organizational lifestyle.  If errant, they are re-educated.

Working out of an administrative entity like NOC or COSHAD, there is the additional element of power.  You command entities, strategies, fractions.  The point is you are in command of something.  Some people adjust and pursue their duties with diligence and professionalism.  Others became corrupted with this process of attaining power.  It was not the power of seizing control but it was power.

From time to time, Gino had to deal with persons that attempted to seize power from within the Organization.  There were times of power struggle coupled with personality conflicts.  Sometimes persons had to be “put back in their place” and re-education occurred (or more extreme courses of action).  Cadres were pitted against each other, believing they were in the right because a trusted leader told them so.

People did many things because it was how the Organization operated.  Those that left regret having done certain things.  Those that are still in continue in such a manner.  You can either accept or reject the premise that the Organization changes people.  If you reject it, you are on the wrong site.  We cannot help you.  If you accept it, that is a start in understanding what happened to the people who started the Organization, the ones that left, the ones that died, the handful that are still there.

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