The Truth About NATLFED

Passing Through

There were several persons that came, left, came back, left and came back again.  These persons are not to be confused with the cadres who treated NOC like a revolving door, usually suspected of being cops because you could track their comings and goings on the calendar — oh, it’s the first of the month, time for so-and-so to be taking off again.

There were those loosely affiliated with the Organization in some capacity.  Mike R is one example, having another Party affiliation but working with the Organization from time to time.  He flip flopped between his mother’s basement and the NOC complex.  He served a purpose: to reinforce the idea that the Organization did maintain relationships with other communist organizations.

Others were friends or family of cadres who were allowed to come and go, the goal being to recruit those persons to the Organization.  In some blogs, you will read how family members used this to their advantage to spy within the Organization.

There were also the ones who were on special assignments, working in highly confidential operations that were not in general discussed on the floor.  From time to time they would report in to Oldie and embrace a more traditional operational arena for a while.  Then they would return to their work.

There were also the part-timers.  It seems a contradiction that so many were required to participate full-time, 24/7 and 365 days a year yet a handful enjoyed part-time participation.  The part-timers served a purpose, again usually to lend credibility in certain fields.  Claims of having intellectually-minded persons bolstered the Organization’s claims of having a broad range of cadres dedicated to the revolution from assorted strata.

These persons are not to be confused with sleepers, the ones recruited who were charged with limited tasks or even a specific task, to be ready to perform such task(s) when needed.

There were also potential recruits who did not join, some just not adequately prepared at the local level for the intensive recruitment pitch at NOC.  Oldie liked to meet with as many as he could until he reached a point when he became too sick.  Still, he managed to stay on top of the recruitment process, was constantly updated on the status and gave instructions.

East coast couriers came and went.  There were just some things that were not mailed, even too precious to entrust to safe mail or a gray dog package.  Cash was preferably hand delivered.

There were some “hurt feelings” when those passing through came and went.  Many cadres at NOC had been there for years, never leaving the compound at all.  To see someone coming and going did disrupt the atmosphere.  Some blew it off, “They’re not ready to commit like we are.”  Others wished they could get an assignment akin to the ones who checked in every now and then.

Visiting relatives always caused a certain amount of uneasiness.  You never really knew for certain if they were going to try an abduction or end up being recruited.  Many cadres were not allowed to see family, so those who were allowed to entertain relatives were either in special favor or there was something special about that relative that caught Oldie’s eye.  One former FCADC who was in high favor happened to have a father that was a military colonel, a double coup in Oldie’s eyes.

This was just part of the community, the complex situation at NOC.

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