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February 19, 2017

Another anniversary come and gone

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Well, before someone drops a note that perhaps we may have forgotten the anniversary of the failed date, we decided to drop our own note.

There’s nothing new to be said on the subject.  Over thirty years ago, the Organization was going forth with the temporary worker strategy.  Yeah, we’ve heard it all before: someone chickened out but everyone pointed accusing fingers at others.  It was more than the general strike up and down the eastern seaboard.

It’s not our intention to solicit reflections of the failed date, but if someone wants to share then he or she certainly can.  We remember but dare not linger, for it epitomizes the failure of the cult to make good on its strategies.  The poor are still poor, the not-so-poor are poor, etc.  Bread and circuses have been replaced by pizza rolls and video web sites.  You can criticize us for not organizing at this time to “do it” but we can also make that same criticism of you.  There are some former cadre who are, by the way, doing things with different groups.

We leave you to your thoughts.


Alone in the Darkness

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I think it a fair statement that most have abandoned the notion of discussing a cult that refuses to die.  After all, it possesses no celebrities or persons from/of prominent families.  It has been compared to a leech, trying to draw away from other movements (or worse — taking credit for what other movements achieve and claiming hegemony).

Recently, I suggested that an inquirer contact another former member for a different perspective.  Apparently, I’m too damaged (translation: crazy) and very much unaware of current happenings in the group.  It’s true.  I don’t know who is currently in or out, except for the periodic updates through roundabout resources.  I think it took like two years before the Florida parents finally stopped pestering me to kidnap their adult offspring from Atlantic City.  I always said that was a red herring.  Mister and Mrs H, if you’re still following: no apologies; you’re rich enough to hire someone to commit that crime.

The recent inquirer thought he was doing me a favor when he told me so-and-so said that I was a liar.  What is that internet shorthand about laughing off the ass?  I asked him if the contact helped him at all.  The response: (so-and-so) said to let it die because times may be ripe but the cult will not be harvesting the crop.  That’s deep, I thought.  I also thought it was bovine feces because the person he was referred to has been out of the group for thirty years and has zero interest in the movement.

George, come down from those trees.
I’m perfectly happy to stay where I am.
Better angle to fling feces at you…

Ah, but what do I know?  I’ve been out for twenty years and have zero interest in the movement too.  Well, not exactly zero.  I help the charitable sisters with their food drives and fundraising campaigns during the year as well as their holiday distributions.  The poor are still poor.  The cult scammers still exploit that poverty.  It took VI five years (go ahead and scratch your heads) while the cult has been “at it” for forty-six years.  All original founders are dead.  If the group introduces you to one, you’re the one being lied to because it started with six and they are dead (GP, MS, PG, DS, DM, and HA.).  [As an aside, you’ll note that MR and AR are not part of that six, despite fantastic claims to the contrary.].

I’m accustomed to walking a narrow and winding path sometimes impeded by rock slides while at other times suffering the barrage of rocks coming from the sanctimonious holier-than-thou apologists.  Now, those apologists are creepy.  While just about every former cadre has abandoned contributing to the discussions, the apologists are still out there.  Why?  Because their leader tells them they must continue and they are loyal.

Life happens.  That is why I must conclude this curious contribution to a conversation that sometimes seems hopeless — until someone approaches with a lit candle to help the darkness go away.  I may not have the answer you’re looking for, but I do hope you find what you need.


January 22, 2017

We don’t know — we’re finding out stuff

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Drop us an e-mail.  Akismet determined your comment met the criteria of spam.  We’re not aware of any recent arrests.

UPDATE: Not spam.  Comment approved.

December 31, 2016

Inquiry received

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A friend is looking for someone lost to the group, uncertain if the person is still in or since departed.  If you’re interested in finding out more, drop me a note.  Established contacts only need reply.

December 18, 2016

Christmas scams

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It’s that time of year when folks go door to door purportedly collecting money or other resources for the poor.  There was one incident recently where someone collected a pick up truck filled with food in the bed, and then the person went to the local corner and started selling it.  Five or ten cents a can, etc.  They made an unknown amount of money before the police picked up the scammers.  Groups you never heard of suddenly are making their presence known.

Most people know the safest thing to do is bring your contribution to the established charities.  Every town has something, whether it is Salvation Army, Foodbank, Saint Vincent De Paul, Gospel Mission, etc.  The good Sisters are hard at work, working in concert with several other groups, for holiday dinners at various sites around town coupled with toy distributions.

As always, we encourage you to research the group you’re considering given a donation to, because not all are legitimate.

October 18, 2016

Lost or Damaged

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Survivor.  The very word conjures up one of two rationales of thought.  The glass is half full.  The person is strong, made it, things are getting better and the person will be okay in the end.  The glass is half empty.  The person is weak, continues to suffer, never truly recovers.  Some of you may object to this type of lumping or categorization of cult survivors.

Fear.  Many survivors suffer it.  After all, in the end something caused the person to leave, whether it was by personal intent or aggressive action.  There was a lot of abuse within the group.  Some cadre were berated verbally for months on end, told they were losers, worn down until they could take no more of it.  Others suffered at the hands of physical aggressors.  Another small group were subjected to medications given to them by non-medical persons looking up in the Physicians Desk Reference what they thought was best to control that person.

Apathy.  Some just don’t care to follow the various blogs or forums anymore.  It’s the same old crap.  They became burnt out a long time ago and realized those discussion groups did more harm than good.  They walked away; stopped contributing to the conversations.  They let the apologists wreak havoc and destroy such groups through mistrust, misinformation, and manipulation.

Memories.  As we age, things that were once important to us start to fade away.  We know we were misled and misguided.  We had a dream of fixing that which was broken.  Now, we carry on with the daily drudgery of our lives.  Some joined other movements or started something of their own, but most work paycheck to paycheck.  Another handful returned to the financial security of families with moderate wealth and/or the trust funds, recalling a time they acted out but returned to the fold.

Bull.  Have to include that one.  There are some who managed to rise to the top of the steaming pile as so-called experts on the cult when their participation was extremely minimal if even at all.  There was a time when most everyone knew others because of the NLC, but when those stopped what started was a period of isolationism.  Cadre in one entity had little to no idea of who was in other entities.

Come down from the trees.  A very funny exhortation rendered by a master that had cadre laughing.  Oh, he had other bits too that were funny including assorted miracles and the truth of water into wine.

People through money and money through people.  How many of you remember your inexperienced liaisons rendering that mantra?  They read from the EO or the STP’s and all you could think about was giving that kid a bucket and see him fall flat on his butt outside of the grocery store.  You knew you were in trouble when you actually got a liaison who worked in a field entity.  Of course, you still resented having to pay for the telephone call or use crazy code names.

Hardly anyone cares about such an eclectic group except those directly or indirectly affected by it.  Somehow, this “diminishes” the suffering or recovery process of those who were once in it.  It’s a tiny shrimp when compared to other groups that are blue whales or cachalot.  Every now and then, the group actually tries to retread certain persons back into the group.  Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.  It’s different from those who felt the group had a revolving door, coming and going as they pleased, until it was no longer tolerated; then begging to return.

October 16, 2016

Recollecting, remembering, being told “X”

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I recently re-read a story that I had not read in a long time.  Even though I was one of the authors, by the time Diane finished the magnum opus it was all about her.  Yes, those who knew her certainly can understand that.  She wanted former cadre to know her history with the group, and it was not the traditional “being stuck in the field” for years.  True, many former cadre did work in the field entities for many years.  Those who ended up at NOC did their tasks.

But there were those who did special tasks because the notion of taking over involved more than a faint glimmer of hope through a general strike.  There were the unsung sleepers, a couple of whom are still waiting for activation while most have given up or simply died.  There were the ties to other movements within the country and outside.  Yet discussing those ties seems to be taboo, or rather, treated as stories to amuse young naïve cadre.

No one has permission to re-print the story, in case anyone is wondering, because it is copyrighted and has been posted on Scribd since July 16, 2010.  It was also posted here earlier and remains in the blog archive.  However, knowing that apologists and trolls don’t give a damn, I know the story has been circulating through the various circles for a long time.  I bring this up at this time because I trashed a comment in moderation that referenced the story.  The person had fair warning; chose to ignore the verification process so after two days of no response to inquiry I decided it was one of those, “Let’s give her a nookie in the back and mess with her head,” type of scenarios.

So I re-read it and the memories flooded back about a woman I greatly admired.  I didn’t even mind being relegated such minor references or having some of my memorable events excised before publication.  I still remember the time arriving at the local entity with my parent, who opened the door (it was after 9:00 a.m.) and saw about twenty cadre still asleep on the floor atop foam pads.  The Operations Manager sat up and said, “Hello.”

I’ve posted the link to Reconnection Railroad because that is where the survivor stories go.  It gets zero hits because, quite frankly, no one gives a damn.  I added my introduction.  Then I thought about some of the more fantastical rumors.  As former cadre, we’ve heard them.  Many people went to Gino’s funeral to make sure he was really dead, and I can assure you he really did die.  There was a time when a small handful suggested that he made his great escape by faking his death.  It would have been relatively easy.  He was surrounded by a close-knit circle of persons willing to do anything.  What are people saying about Elvis?  Wax figure buried in the grave?  Quick — someone check it out on Snopes.

Ah, but I digress!  It’s been emotionally taxing remembering the deaths — tragedies that might have been averted.  I know of several who might have survived if they were afforded treatment at the onset of symptoms rather than delaying until recourse impossible.  Of course, that doesn’t always happen.  Diane went through years of treatment with the leukemia and it eventually took her.  She was a fighter.  I guess in the end we all thought she was going to make it.  The bone marrow transplant went very well, she seemed to be doing well, she started up her work again and then overdid it.  Didn’t give herself enough time to recover, best anyone can figure.

Most former cadre do not like discussing their activities in public forums.  The private forums were infiltrated a long time ago and trust remains an issue.  There are those who choose to remain in contact with other former cadre.  There are some who refuse to believe it ever was a cult while others still believe it was one from Day One.  There’s a minority who believe it started out with best intentions, sincerest efforts, a hegemonic force to be reckoned with; it lost its way somehow and ended up as a cult.

Seriously — five minutes after a senior member passes away in a hospital and the local office is starting to call donors to contribute money for the funeral?  Is that for real?  Oh wait, make that ten minutes.  Someone had to take care of the benefits request that walked in the door.  Here’s the clothing closet, help yourself, everybody else start dialing.

As I re-read the story, I remembered the buckets of dimes.  The offices used to have pay phones.  From what I understand, those are long gone.  I could be wrong.  There might be one or two offices that still have one.  I remember making phone calls from the payphone.  What a pain in the ass.  I always preferred going to a donor’s house because it was quiet.  Let’s face it: it was simply too much activity going on in the office trying to drop dimes and call people.

No one really seems to get it.  I’m talking about a particular period of time in the Organization that few remember.  Why?  Most are dead, that’s why.  Those who aren’t have long since moved on to other things.  They may get a chuckle out of dropping dimes but they’ll whip out their cellphones and enjoy unlimited dialing perks.

Just remember that there are people still trapped, looking for a way out or just so blinded they can’t see any other way.  How it manages to survive is difficult.  The days of single cadre entities have returned, with recruitment insufficient to the task of re-staffing those offices.  Persons who never spent a day in the field are elevated to leadership positions while those who toil suffer the barrage of criticisms.  People through money, money through people — how many times have you heard it or ordered it?

There are curious weather phenomena that will be exploited by the group.  No one cares about that.  I doubt anyone cares that the fronts will do all they can to channel monies and other resources out of the communities most in need.  Why does a local donor have to make out his check to the 501c3 instead of the local office if it’s over $100?  Shouldn’t the local just get the money?  And does that money ever come back to the local?  No.

It’s been difficult over the years but I’m still here.  I may not be as active as I used to because life happens and there are other things far more important.  Considering it’s been twenty years and I still suffer the occasional nookie in the back just demonstrates the persistence of those determined to defend the cult.  No one else is writing about this stuff.  No one else dares contradict the community angels doing nice things for farm workers or service workers.

I’m sure when I do finally bite the dust that someone’s going to piss on my grave.  That’s okay, it’ll keep away the worms for a while.  Leave a penny on my headstone so others will know you dropped by.  Not a nickel, dime, or quarter.  Those denominations have different meanings.

October 15, 2016

Talking about the weather…and those who exploit it

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Yesterday was an exciting weather day for Oregon.  Two tornadoes hit coastal towns and one declared an emergency due to the damage.  You don’t think of Oregon as a place that gets tornadoes.  It’s rare but it has happened.  Remnants of a Pacific storm system slammed the coast (yeah, they don’t usually call them hurricanes out here, especially when they travel across the ocean — pick your favorite weather station and learn something new).

So far, there are no warnings of scam artists trying to fleece the public in order to make a buck or two off the emergency.  The folks in Manzanita have a particularly difficult task of rebuilding.  In case you’re wondering, try a Maps search and see how close to Portland it is.  Watch out for those trees, George.  Portland is particularly noteworthy because a) it’s a large metropolitan area, b) it has numerous opportunities for charitable efforts to aid the distressed town, and c) it has a front office for the cult.

If it is your intent to donate to assist the relief, it is not my intent to stop you.  All I ask is that you check out the group you’re contributing to in order to make sure it’s legit.  The Organization exploits natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, Northeasters, floods, arctic freezes, just waiting on some volcano now…

The wild weather continues today with hurricane force winds and rains.  It’s a bad weekend.  The coast will continue to take the brunt of it.  Those further inland will still feel the effects.  Emergency candles at the ready as high winds knock down power lines, it’s not that cold but it’s wet and nasty.  The various churches are already planning to expand their food donations and the Food Bank is on standby.  At this moment, the good sisters are praying while people like myself are battening down the hatches.

This is not to take away from what’s happening on the east coast.  Mathew and Nicole are certainly doing their thing.  It’s just something about disasters that bring out the worst scammers.  The Organization calls it a target of opportunity and exploits it.  Some of you might be thinking: if they’re getting out food and clothes to folks, that can’t be too bad.  I know, the group does manage to pull off some charitable efforts.  They’ll be going for the big money, the big-ticket items including cars, and donations of food or clothes are just a bonus.  It’s difficult to send a ton of clothes as part of the ten percent to NOC.

If you hear of special disaster campaigns being run by the front cult groups, drop a note.  I’ve only heard of one effort to get a truck to Manzanita.  I don’t think they’ll make any plans to set up a permanent field office in the tiny town, but we’ll see.

October 9, 2016

Have you noticed lately?

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There is a reason the group does not want “losers, boozers, or users” amidst its ranks.  In fact, in several discussion groups someone posted a copy of a signed directive from the leadership to stop recruiting from that base.  It’s true — you can’t organize when you’re drunk or stoned.  No one will debate that point.  Poses too many issues.  We’ll instead focus on the losers.  What does the group mean by that?  Simply put, persons that lack resources.

There was a time when the Organization recruited persons from a wide variety of backgrounds including professors, doctors, lawyers, militants, working class persons, and those who had nothing to lose except the chains.  We won’t focus on the “what happened” because we’ve discussed the mass exodus after the failed date and the purges.  There were other periods of major exodus.  Like any good cult, the group learned not to advertise a date.  Some might even say it is relying on things just happening.

In its desperation to re-staff the entities, quantity became more important than quality.  In fact, that was the basis of the purges — to reverse that with quality instead of quantity.  During the first major exodus, the group lost the movers and shakers, those who knew how to successfully carry out systemic organizing.  That was when the entities suffered greatly.  The power recruiters were at non-field entities.  WPC was recruiting cadre and eventually these persons were put in leadership positions directing persons with ten or fifteen years’ experience, insulting them by reading from the Essential Organizer or the STP’s.  To this day, there are still persons who never spent a day in a field entity working out of administrative offices.

Why are there so many stories of former cadre who lost or nearly lost inheritances to the group?  How many still remain in the group?  Not all recruits were indigent.  It helped if you had a trust fund.  Yes, we know someone will compare it to the olden days of persons wanting to enter convents or monasteries.  A woman was expected to bring her dowry; and a man was expected to bring his inheritance.  If you read about the saints, many of them gave up their claims to titles and brought their monies to such establishments.  If you were too sickly, you could not join.  If you lacked a dowry or inheritance, that was not an automatic no.  The abbot or abbess tested your soul.  Once you were in, you were in.

There was a time that the notion of part-time cadre was repugnant to the group.  There were only a couple of such persons.  Now, it is a different matter.  If your checkbook could provide, it’s tolerated.  I still remember the rocket scientist, a genius in his own right, and it took several years before he made the break from part to full-time.  And like the church tithing custom, ten percent of his wages were earnestly submitted to the Organization.

I was checking out the Wiki Leaks on the group.  There’s not much there except listings of what are believed to be still active fronts and inactive fronts.  It’s hardly a big secret.  We have lists like that as well.  I suppose they have bigger fish to fry than some obscure little group with barely one hundred members scattered across the country.  It’s just how it is.

I read one article where an entity purchased its building, a nice storefront in a downtown area.  What the press didn’t say was that the cadre received an inheritance and made the purchase.  Whether or not he did this on his own or at the behest of his ordinates, we’ll never really know for sure.  Trying to find out information about what’s happening inside the group is nearly impossible.  I hear rumors but you want truth.  What is the truth about the ownership of the buildings that the fronts occupy?

Just a little food for thought.  It’s getting late, you see, and I’m keeping an ear to the ground on the hurricane.  We know the Organization will do whatever it can to exploit the natural phenomenon for financial gain.  It’s a target of opportunity.  My old stomping grounds could end up under water if the cyclone reaches those shores.  You never know.  It’s not often when a hurricane makes it way up to Boston but it has happened.  Con artists know how to exploit such things.  Make sure you donate to a group you can trust.  Maybe a beer company will bottle water for a few days.

Once again talking about the money stirs up trouble

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Well, that didn’t take long.  Probably should have approved the comment just to show it was real but the flamer has his own website.  Let him rant over there as he espouses the virtues of his beloved cult and belittles the former cadre.  What’s the issue?  Apparently, Mary should have let the Organization keep the money rather than keep it for herself; or at the very least returned the money “to the people.”

Let’s get one thing straight: most everyone knows that Diane was the only one with enough chutzpah to assume the Mary pseudonym.  The sooner you understand that, the sooner you “get” where she came from.  That was perhaps why the former low-level cadre bought in to the apologists’ cunning silver tongue that she never existed.  As to returning the money to the people, well, maybe your beloved cult should stop stealing it from the people.

It’s been twenty years and the Organization is still upset over losing those monies.  Even I don’t know for sure how much.  I’ve heard anywhere between $9-12 million entrusted to a woman who thoroughly and completely believed she was what the Old Man said: his daughter.  Alright, it did shake up the family tree a bit.  However, no DNA tests were ever conducted to prove he was the father.  She planned an exhumation but her health in the end detoured those plans.

If every former cadre thought they had to return the money they stole from the Organization, why, that’s a dangerous precedent.  After all, how much money did the Organization steal from the cadre?  Siphoning off trust funds, seizing control of properties, etc. and then not returning those things when the cadre left.  It led to several lawsuits, most famous involving Mia.  Some of you are probably cheering, “Go girlfriend, get your money back.”

What about those of you who stole from the group in order to make your lam?  Do you think you should return it?  There are several stories of cadre loading up entity cars and leaving.  Those cars were donated by community members.  Yet those cadre took the cars anyway.  Perhaps the rationalization was that they managed the procurement in the first place, but the donation was to the front group not the individual.  Then the various clothes on the cadre’s backs also donated by community members along with shoes, coats, etc.  All piled up in those donated cars.  You needed gas money to make away from the area, so you took whatever cash you could.  Maybe even drained what little money was in the entity bank account.  After all, you’re driving 500 miles from New York to Ohio (give or take).  There was one person so determined to strip mine the office that she rented a trailer and loaded up whatever she could such as the damn stove, refrigerator, washer/dryer, and bed.  How the hell did she get a bed?  Every other damn cadre slept on foam pads on the hard floor.  Guess one came in donated and she decided she deserved better, being the only cadre in the office and no one really checked on what she was doing.

You know, you’re not supposed to sleep in the offices.  They are businesses, not zoned for habitation purposes.  The original premise was to maintain on site security in the event of attempted raid or burglary, with sending the rest of the cadre out to donated lodgings.  It eventually became kind of sort of optional to have outside housing.  The public line was to have someone on site in the event of emergencies (yeah, like they’d open the doors before 9:00 a.m.).

Of course, one office got around that by zoning the main floor as a business and the second floor as residential.  That’s the office where they fell behind in the taxes and mortgage, used that to rip off the part-time upper middle class cadre who wanted to do nice things for poor people.  One was so pissed she quit after how many years?  That $5,000 rip off is the stuff of legends and sorry but the cadre who stole it did not go to jail; otherwise, little miss housewife would have to tell her husband that she was sleeping around, he’d divorce her, she’d lose out on her beautiful six bedroom home etc.

There was one cadre who fled in a car from NOC.  I forget where she landed the car.  It was several states away.  I guess she gave the group their just desserts because she abandoned it at a train station, so it racked up all kinds of tickets and then eventually impound fees.  Does she need to pay back the Organization for that?  After all, you have to think like the apologist and the people had to pay those dollars to recover the vehicle (or at least prevent the registered owner of the car from going to court or jail).

Actually, if you think about it, there were several “lone cadre” offices staffed by one person for years at a time.  Those are some of the more dramatic escape stories in terms of what they left with including the people’s cars, monies, clothes, food, etc.  Even the jumps started with two.  Okay, so they were failures, couldn’t recruit, whatever.  Why not send in help?  Or someone else (a new team) to just flat-out take over?  That part never made sense to me.  What do you do if you have two entities part of one unit that both have just one cadre?  Well, makes for an interesting group meeting of two people.  Wait, what?

Okay, so everyone who “took” something when they left the cult should really make amends to “the people” in order to satisfy the apologist.  And hopefully in return the cult will return everything you gave when you joined including your jewelry, monies, even compensate you for your time.  At the very least, you should get the $5 a week they never paid (that $4,160 for a 16 year person, FYI) plus 5,848 packs of cigarettes (a pack a day) or the monetary value (I can’t go there, cheap smokes are $6 a pack in some areas or $10 a pack in others).

Before I leave this sarcastic note (you did figure it out that it became sarcastic at the end, right?) I would like to remind you several former members have written books.  Each one offers something different.

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