The Truth About NATLFED

Outing the Donors

People are reluctant to “out” the donors who support NATLFED fronts.  Why?  We live in a litigious society.  If you say something negative about the Blah-de-blah Mom-and-Pop Outfit, chances are you are opening up yourself to a lawsuit.  The Super-Size-Me-For-Big-Bucks Corporation might take notice but rather than publicly admit they were supporting a cult they will simply cease to support the front.  They may even go the extra mile to ask you to withdraw your public statements in the hopes it will all go away.

Very few former members engage in the public outing.  Some have made it their mission to personally contact known donors and ask them to conduct web research on the front they are supporting.  Others are a little bit more direct.  Still others rely on subtlety.  If I talk about the space bags, most former National cadres know I am speaking of the owner of the nut cleaning business who donated used nut bags.  Tenants know the bags as being used to repackage the trash on the curb.

That is an interesting concept, the repackaging of the curb trash.  Some tenants believe it was so the group could rummage through the trash looking for personal information as a way to spy on the tenants.  Mm, must be pretty desperate to rummage through all the dirty diapers…seriously, they have better things to do.  Trash left on the curbside often had to be repackaged because many tenants used El Cheapo Trashbags that often broke.

The task of “outing the donors” becomes complex.  Some will move on to support a different charity.  Others will sue.  The ones that donate baby formula or children’s clothing will say, “It can’t be so.  I’m helping poor people.”  No matter what, the front organizations simply move on to another unsuspecting business.

Once a front entity establishes itself in an arena, it is unlikely to leave.  It may leave from Santa Cruz to go to Watsonville or from Lyons to Sodus, but it remains in the designated arena.  Whatever local smear campaign comes against them, they simply wait it out as they retreat into the safety of the benefits program.  Baby formula is for poor mothers, how could it possibly be used to foment revolution?

These are just a few things on my mind today.

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