The Truth About NATLFED

Organized Labor

There were some unions affiliated with NATLFED and the Provisional Party.

  • Texas Farm Workers Association, led by Antonio Orendain.  He visited NOC on at least one occasion and also sent a couple of interns to study under Perente.
  • International Association of Machinists Local 68 in San Francisco, CA under the leadership of Jake Barnes.  He visited NOC along with his wife Nelda and son Bobby.  Gino appointed (and paid) Jake as West Coast Field Commander to oversee the regional and local drives based in California and Oregon.

There were other unions that the Organization tried to forge alliances with, usually at the local level.  If you worked in a local office, you probably walked a union’s picket line at some point as a show of solidarity.

There were also unions that the Organization claimed a historical relationship with such as United Farm Workers.

Such alliances and relationships were monitored under the auspices of the Labor II Fraction.  (Labor I Fraction was synonymous with the NATLFED Fraction.).

Originally, the intent of forging relationship with organized labor was to support the eventual large scale strategies.  Temporary Workers Organizing Committee was just a stone’s throw away from leading the planned general strike along the eastern seaboard.  Proscenium was either halted by direct orders from National or sabotaged by the organizers entrusted to its implementation, depending on who’s story you are inclined to believe.  The February, 1984 period was a very confusing time.

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