The Truth About NATLFED

History is written by the winners

…so don’t be a loser.

Much of the history of the CPUSA(P) was written from the standpoint that the Organization was comprised of winners.  We were going to win the revolution.  It is a powerful premise and I am sure we can remember the allure of it all.

If you are reading this, you are more than likely not in the Organization.  Or you are one of the people on the inside trying to get out.  Maybe even you are the one on the inside that is reporting back to headquarters that the ex-cadre “network” is up to crap again.

It is time to regain some self-esteem.  You are not a loser for being on the outside of the Organization.  That is what the current cadres want you to believe.  If you run across any of them, they will call you many names.  But we know what the Organization has degenerated into, what abuses occurred, what schedules we endured, the re-education, all for our belief in a cause (whether genuine or misguided, you be the judge of that).

Many of you did what I could not: you chose to leave.  I was unceremoniously thrown out like the trash during the purges.  Several Central Committee members were thrown out, labeled as dissidents, sometimes called Gino whores, often considered too dangerous to be allowed to remain inside the Organization and yet not high enough in rank to merit re-indoctrination to the program.  Yet I am finding the courage to speak about CPUSA(P) and National Labor Federation.  It took a long time to get to this point.  Some of you started writing early, have been in it for the long haul in an attempt to warn people.

You are the winners.  At one time there were approximately 800 cadres in the Organization.  This was during the mad dash to the date February 15, 1984.  We were going for it.  Something happened but not the revolution.  There are some that still linger in the Organization from the old days but not many.  I read on one site that someone believes the Organization is defunct, which we know is not the case.

It is time to start writing the real history of the Organization.  People need to see how the Organization first started, how it grew, how it failed, how it suffered and now how it lingers.  Has it retreated into the benefits programs waiting for “the right time” to strike?  It currently utilizes a program of “better fewer but better” as a dual edged sword: to discourage what it considers losers from remaining inside and to give a false appearance that it is not a cult.

I ask that you join the Yahoo group Exnatlfed contact the moderator(s) to offer materials for inclusion in this blog.  If you are ready to write your story, I will publish it here in this blog.  You may choose to use your name or a handle.  Or, you can help with research.  I am not asking you to commit a lifetime, not even a regular schedule.

You may be one that has decided, “It’s time to move on with my life.”  Yet many of us linger in the shadows of the forums waiting for the right time to chime in on a discussion.  We can not let it go.  I am asking that you give this serious consideration.  No, I won’t use the word “try” because of Gino’s definition and how it haunts some of us to this day.

You’re already a winner.  Let others know it.

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