The Truth About NATLFED

Here to Win, Here to Stay

Here to Win, Here to Stay.

Originally, the slogan was Here to Stay, Here to Win.  That was during the time of the IM Young Strike.  The Organization was completely focused on winning the strike.  Then the syllogism was reset to Here to Win, Here to Stay.

It was more appropriate for the revolution, you see.  The idea being to win the revolution and then stay in power.  It’s been the slogan for a long time.

I have heard it said that National was jealous of certain field cadres that were succeeding in hegemonious fights.  After all, those cadres would have power that National itself lacked.  Such cadres could then start calling the shots, so to say.  They could form groups of supporters from within the ranks of the Organization, a threat if they sought to depose those in leadership positions.

I have also heard it said that those same cadres sabotaged their own efforts, not ready to make the break and actually fight the revolution.  Ex-cadres will discuss this, claiming National sabotaged the locals or vice versa.

Gino had a habit of using double meanings.  You all heard of Carlin and them “two way” words like balls.  Gino did this with certain initials.  LARGO is a musical term too, and doesn’t it seem redundant to say Liberation Army Revolutionary Group Organization?

There was also MF.  One story during the trials was when the District Attorney had Rory on the stand and asked him, “What does MF stand for?”  He anxiously awaited the answer.  It seemed everyone did.

Rory casually explained MF stood for master file, the 3×5 card file system used to record names and addresses of volunteers and supporters, etc.  The District Attorney was frustrated.  The cadre lawyers had a hard time controlling the snickering.  I often wondered what would have happened if the DA had asked, “What ELSE does MF stand for?”  Not that Rory would have said military fraction.

CDR is the systemic code for cadre.  It also stands for Committee to Defend the Revolution.  NATLFED is abbreviated thus instead of NLF, apparently that being too obvious for National Liberation Front.  DEAD is dead, or is it design and advertising?  PPC is Professional Process Company, an interesting name for a business, to throw it in the DA’s face who kept rambling about the PPC Provisional Party of Communists.  IY was Invest Yourself and also International Youth.

Ah, now we have PC for Political Commissar (remember running around claiming to be the Education Director) but society has it for politically correct.  There was the time Gino made David GOD for General Organizational Director.  COP was cop or Chief of Protocol.

Even the use of Peggy O’Leary as a national writer for the newsletters was carefully selected.  Instead of Margaret, the actual name, POL had much more amusement to Gino as GW walked into his office to serve tea and he’d joke about getting serviced from the Party of Lenin.

It is different than the code talkers of WWII, where the Native American soldiers spoke their native language and within that language substituted words like turtle for tank.

Just something to share with those that might enjoy this.

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