The Truth About NATLFED

Floor Plans

The PDF document has a rough sketch of the areas used by the Organization in the Carroll Street Apartments — 1107 1A and 1C, and 2A, 1115 1A, 1107 Basement, 1111 Basement and 1115 Basement.  When 1111 1A was acquired, it became the BE apartment and was her apartment, also used for housing children and sick cadres.

Floor Plan

Ideally, the Organization wanted the first floor apartments as they could be set up as business offices (two doors for entrances, thus enabling a waiting room and reception area).  1107 1A was the law firm and 1115 1A was the doctor’s office, as example.

1107 1C was sublet and contained the FC Office, FC Staff Office/Security Desk and Reception area.  There was a legitimate sublease in effect, this to prevent authorities from conducting a search as it was seemed unlikely that a warrant would include the sublease address.

1103, 1107, 1111, 1115 and 1119 was a subdivided complex, originally serving as housing for clergy and church personnel including Sisters of Mercy affiliated with Saint Ignatius, until declining numbers and financial hardship forced the church to sell.  The apartments are mirror images.  The Cave and its equivalents were rooms part of the 2A, 3A and 4A apartments.  The first floor apartments had double entrances, making them ideal for business operations and the area appropriately zoned.

The basements were off limits to tenants.  Tenant storage was not part of the leases.  Locked gates secured entry to the street side from the basements.  The entries to the back yards were not gated, but a retaining wall discouraged persons from wandering into the area.  Occasionally, persons accessed the backyard from the 1103 or 1119 breezeways and wandered into the basements, or tried to.  The access doors were typically locked.  The roof doors were also kept locked at all times.

The neighborhood was old Irish but the demographics changed to Haitian and other Caribbean immigrants, whom Oldie referred to as “the coconuts”.  The Collins couple were among the last of the Irish.  Rumors included a voodoo priestess living in 1103 performing rituals with chickens and other animals.  The predominantly white cadre base stood in contrast to the local black population.

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