The Truth About NATLFED

Benefits Program – A Perspective

“The benefit program, which is EFWA’s base, is vital to our existence.  If we are ever the victims of full-scale attack, some of our activities may be destroyed and/or suspended.  But we will never die, because we always have the base of EFWA the benefit program to crawl back into.  The benefit program (and therefore EFWA as an entity) cannot be successfully attacked (who would claim nuns and doctors were whores and drug addicts).  Because of this crucial aspect of the benefit program it was necessary that it expand and solidify in accordance with EFWA’s growth.  That meant something had to be created, something new to the benefit program because we found the old pre-strike methods did not work well enough in a strike situation.”

An excerpt from The Essential Organizer
Specific page citation: Coalition of Concerned Medical Professionals

I want to point out this excerpt from The Essential Organizer as I have been reading some of the comments posted with various news articles.  Victims of full-scale attack…crawling back into the benefits program.  The people that were IN speak about the cult nature of NATLFED.  The people on the periphery speak about the various aspects of the benefits program, driving members to doctors, donating services, etc.  Yes, the benefits program could deliver valuable resources to people in need.

I read one article where a group spokesperson talked about all the clothes they donated, unaware of the cult accusations.  One church donates food baskets at Thanksgiving and entrusted the local drive to distribute to members.  It’s difficult to accuse a “saint” of being a hard core communist dedicated to overthrowing the government.

I ask that you consider this when you hear “benefits program as flypaper.”  They don’t ask the local wino to drive a member to an appointment.  Since there are a lot of comments about the benefits program, maybe they have crawled back into it, but not because of full-scale attack.  The internet is helping bring to light the real National Labor Federation.  Those that choose to turn a blind eye, well, what can we say?  We tried.

This is why some loyal supporters dismiss the idea that NATLFED is a cult.

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