The Truth About NATLFED

After the Organization

What happens after someone leaves such an organization?

Everyone experiences a different journey.  Some are in a position to return to friends or family for support.  Others are forced to start over again, thousands of miles away from family, maybe even forced to accept public assistance and stay in a homeless shelter until he/she can get back on their feet again.  A handful have been deposited in mental institutions, too messed up to reintegrate into society as a direct result of the after-organizational experience.

Different journeys for different reasons due to different circumstances.

There is always a period of shock, even when a person makes the difficult decision to leave.  After such an extended period of isolation, you feel weird and alienated.  You think you know about political events because you were allowed to read the paper but then you begin to see things differently.  Movies and book trends seem alien.  You might even be constantly looking over your shoulder for the cop to pull you over or for the former comrade to put a bullet in your brain.

Many former members are well articulated and employ skills they learned to new careers.  From what I have read on other blogs, only a small handful have continued in careers as activists.  Many have settled down to the daily habit of working a job, raising families, building new careers or just getting by day to day.  Some continue and finish earning degrees.  Others kind of float around, looking for something else but unsure what it is they are seeking.

This article can only speak to generalities as many former cadres prefer a private or anonymous lifestyle.  Some will speak about their organizational experiences; others rant about it.

If you would like to share your story, please contact me.  There is life after the organization.  The recovery process can take many years.  Some find benefit in utilizing the assistance of trained therapists.  Others have to go it alone, relying on public web sites like Ross or Hassan.

You are not alone.

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