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O’Leary Family Crest


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By Mary Struggler

After sixteen years with National Labor Federation, I hope to help others better understand this controversial organization.  There is much information and misinformation on the web.  I can truly say this: I expect some to attack postings on this blog.  Well, they are entitled to their opinions.     

On the 25th anniversary of “the date” I posted my story.  February 15, 1984 was the date of the revolution that did not happen.

We’ve noticed that we get a lot of repeat visitors.  Why?  You come back because you are learning things you never before knew.  You come back because there are no endless comments that go on forever as former members bicker and squabble.  You come back out of idle curiosity.     

Some of you may wonder the choice of Mary Struggler as a handle.  If you have a Catholic background, you know of Mary as the Struggler.     

I am talking about a movement that started out with the utmost of intent that degenerated into a paper tiger.  Nobody takes them seriously anymore.  The ones that do cry cult.  Has it gotten so bad?     

Please share your story.   Maybe some of the entities still manage to deliver benefits within the communities.  That serves a purpose, you know, to sustain an innocent image.  Don’t get me wrong.  People can’t afford clothes or food anymore.  Foreclosures continue to skyrocket.  People need something.     

I’m just saying NATLFED isn’t the answer and hasn’t been the answer for a long time.     


A personal note from Ghostwriter1984:     

When this was first written, the weblog was in its infancy.  A year and a half later, this weblog enjoys regular readers including one NATLFED apologist.  If you are interested in viewing a copy of the story, sometimes referred to as Mary Struggler’s story, entitled “About Me” (c), feel free to contact me.

07/04/12 Someone asked me why I didn’t write an obituary for a dearly departed friend.  I could only respond that this blog serves as her legacy.  Then the person wanted to know the details of her death.  To be honest, I would have rather it had been a sudden impact by a bus.  Leukemia is a bastard, you see.  In the end, she was just a ninety-seven pound frail woman suffering complications from the bone marrow transplant.  It took months before she finally succumbed.

God’s will?  To hell with that crap.  Is she burning in hell with the others?  Probably.  After all, that is the point of view most Christians take, black or white, heaven or hell, no purgatory or limbo.  That’s because a certain king removed books from the Bible, you see; and the hypocrites will decry removal of books except for the seven he took out (on the basis they never should have been included).

An interesting point of view.  A bitter point of view.  And with her death a year and a half ago, those who defend an Organization that appears on many cult watch lists have decried her as a fraud, a figment of the imagination.  Too bad they didn’t have the balls to do it when she was still alive.

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