The Truth About NATLFED

A Message for the Collegiates

Greetings students, parents, staff members, researchers and educators.  It is my hope that you will find something of value from this blog.

Students and parents may wish to investigate a support group formed on campus to examine its veracity and viability.  There are some very beneficial college groups unaffiliated with the campus that are allowed to conduct activities.  If you find a group called Citizens for Migrant Workers, Friends of Seasonal and Service Workers or Citizens for Seasonal Workers, be advised that those support groups are affiliated with a larger organization known as National Labor Federation (NATLFED), which appears on many cult watch lists.

Staff members will also want to be on the lookout for such groups, which have an open agenda of organizing resources for the impoverished but a hidden again of revolution.  In the earlier days of the organization, revolution was considered through the use of militant and military action in coordination with agitating the masses to overthrow the government.  That means has been replaced with the idea of passive revolution — when it happens, it happens, and the organization hopes to be at the forefront of that action.

Perhaps you are a researcher exploring the realm of cults, hoping to learn more about how they operate.  As this blog is written by former cult members, you may be interested in the things that attracted members, the allure of it all, things members endured while inside and then the steps individuals took towards recovery.  As it geared toward February 15, 1984, NATLFED had approximately eight hundred cadres dedicated to the violent overthrow of the government.  The date came and went, the organization went through several rocky periods as many leaders and followers abandoned the false cause.  Some speculate there are only around one hundred cadres committed to the idea of passive revolution.

This blog may be somewhat overwhelming to the novice attempting to learn about the organization.  For that, I apologize.  Even in written remembrances and explanations about the inner workings, the jargon comes to the forefront — jargon utilized and interpreted in specific ways by the organization.  “You had to be there to truly appreciate and understand it.”

Please visit the Campus Recruitment page to learn more about how the organization conducts recruitment campaigns at high schools and colleges.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment in the Discussion Board.

Thank you for visiting.

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