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A Message for Freedom of Mind Visitors

Hello.  Thank you for visiting The Truth About NATLFED — As Told By Former Insiders.  As the name indicates, articles in this blog are written by former members.

This blog offer perspectives about an organization that appears on many cult watch lists including Freedom of Mind.  You will find a few links to other sites, maybe even some current newspaper articles, but most of the materials assembled here are explanations and personal recollections about National Labor Federation.

There are other sites that offer links to newspaper articles as well as cult watch sites.  You can glean some things from those resources.  It is my hope that your visit to this blog will give you a better understanding about an organization that maintains an open front to the public of organizing the unrecognized workers, but also hides a secret agenda of revolution.

People take different things from these articles, whether it is understanding what it is their loved one has become involved with or just idle curiosity.  Many people who once belonged to a cult can often see some of the same characteristics and traits of their cult as applied by another cult.  Yes, there are similarities as well as differences.

A cult does not have to be religious based.  This is the case with National Labor Federation, a politically based organization that is a front for a secret inner party.  The party’s existence is kept secret until a person is deemed viable for recruitment to the inside.

You are welcome to visit as often as you would like.  If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment in the Discussion Board.

Thank you for visiting.

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