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A Message for All Family and Friends of Current Cadre

Hello.  Welcome to The Truth About NATLFED.  If you are reading this, you have probably searched the web looking for information about National Labor Federation or one of its affiliate/subordinate organizing drives.  National Labor Federation is one front organization in the CPUSA Provisional Wing.

To help you understand this site, I want to point out that at this time there is one administrator writing and editing pages and one contributor submitting articles.  Contact if you are interested in becoming a contributor.

There is a lot of bitterness and venomous postings about this controversial organization.  When this article was originally written, it was done so from the standpoint of a person that was actively in the Organization from 1979 to 1996.  These conditions were as proscribed by the leader Gino Perente and implemented by the leadership of the time.  After his death, there appear to be some reforms.

Here’s a few key points about life in this organization:

  • When a person commits to joining as a Party member, he/she becomes an interior cadre.  A cadre is expected to devote all time to the organization.
  • Full-time cadres sleep 6-1/2 hours a day.  The rest of their time is devoted to working in the Organization in whatever capacity assigned by leadership persons.  During Gino’s leadership, sleeping arrangements were in communal environments, no private bedrooms, and cadres slept on foam mats on the floor.  One of the reforms in 1996 included apartments or other permanent residences for cadres assigned to work out of the administrative entities.
  • There was no time off.   Cadres worked 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  A memorandum went out to all entities in the late 1970s canceling vacations as the Organization geared toward the impending revolution.  Another former cadre has chosen to explain in the below comment the current policy on family visits.
  • Cadres that attempt to maintain relationships with family and friends are generally criticized for “becoming distracted from” fulfilling the organizational agenda.  Some cadres with family members that were considered potential for recruitment to the Organization were allowed special visitation privileges.  One rule that Gino implemented was that cadres had to raise at least three times the needed money before being allowed to visit family members.  I do not know this policy is maintained.
  • Mail was opened and read by leadership cadres first, sometimes even withheld from the intended recipient.  Letters were steamed open and glued back shut, with the police being blamed for the invasion of privacy.  Gino’s personal staff assistants would steam open the letters in the 1A kitchen, as a teapot was constantly kept boiling (needed for his medical regimen every four hours).  Again, please see the comments below about how this policy was revised.
  • Phone calls were rarely directly routed to the intended recipient; instead, messages were taken and sometimes delayed or not forwarded.  I do not know the current policy.
  • Full-time cadres live for the organizational agenda: revolution.  The Organization first started striving toward this end in 1971 as a loose assemblage of interested persons, eventually forming a new type of labor organization in 1972.  The revolutionary agenda is kept hidden from the membership and general public (with few exceptions).
  • Cadres use pre-scripted conversations referred to as pitches, spiels, classes and/or presentations.
  • The first date of the revolution was February 15, 1984.  After that date passed, the revolution was “sometime in the near future.”
  • The Organization is utilizing a strategy known as passive revolution.  What that means is no date, when the time comes the transition from capitalism to communism will occur peacefully, it could occur tomorrow or fifty years down the road.  This is radically different than the original armed struggle strategy from 1971 to 1995 during the Gino Perente period.

This blog hopes to offer a different look, one that takes you to the window so you can take a peak inside.  You may or may not understand all that is offered.  I may or may not be able to answer your questions but I will try.  I belonged to this organization for sixteen years.  I want to clarify that when I was in the Organization, all cadres were considered valuable assets, even if the person went astray (there was always re-education).  If a person tried to leave, cadres went after them to bring them back to the Organization.

After Gino’s death, there was a one year period of active purges as a new program was implemented of “better fewer but better.”  Some say no physical violence occurred to force persons out of the Organization, but there were several cadres who were Central Committee members that were physically ejected from several office locations (including National Office Central).  Whether or not physical violence continues, I cannot say, but psychological and emotional abuse are still employed.

There are a wide assortment of affiliated organizations that fall under the umbrella of The Formation, another term used in reference to CPUSA Provisional Wing.  Here is a partial listing:

  • Eastern Farm Workers Association, Workers Benefits Council, Citizens for Migrant Workers, Riverhead Community Service Center (also known as Junior Eason Community Service & Health Center), Long Island Alternative Press, Coalition of Concerned Medical Professionals, Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals, Long Island Equal Justice Association, Committee of Friends and Relatives of Prisoners, Eastern Industrial Organizing Committee, Suffolk Committee for Community Arts, The Long Island Farm Worker…
  • Eastern Service Workers Association, Citizens for Service Workers, Finger Lakes Equal Justice Association, Temporary Workers Information Service, Temporary Workers Information Bureau, Temporary Workers Advisory Committee, Temporary Workers Organizing Committee, Western Massachusetts Labor Action, Friends of Labor, Berkshire County Fuel Committee…
  • California Homemakers Association, Western Farm Workers Association, Northwest Seasonal Workers Association, Friends of Seasonal and Service Workers Association, Alaska Workers Association, Midwest Workers Association, Association for Federal Aid Students, Physicians’ Organizing Committee, Bay Area Alternative Press…
  • Women’s Press Collective, Benchmark Signaats, Commission on Voluntary Service and Action, Native American Research Bureau, National Equal Justice Association, Liberation Army Revolutionary Group Organization (LARGO), International Investigations and Research Analysis, The Law Firm of Daniel P. Foster, Professional Processors Corporation, Foxfire Enterprises, Carroll Street Properties, Steinman Berkowitz & Associates, Decious Reid & Associates, Turks & Caicos Ltd, Stuart Hall Kent, Kent Forge & Foundry…

This is a majority of the organizations but not a conclusive/exhaustive list.  There are some organizations that the Party has ties with but does not control.  Please visit the Associations page for a downloadable PDF document, which is currently undergoing updates through internet and personal research.

As you endeavor to understand the organization your family member or friend has joined, you are finding it a Herculean task.  Very rarely is a friend or family member ever able to convince a person to leave.  The Organization is very successful at isolating full-time cadres.

Typically, cadres eventually tire of the Organization not achieving its hidden agenda of revolution.  Or, they engage in activities that draw severe criticism and/or punishment from leadership.  These cadres try to find ways to escape undetected.

Some cadres are expelled if they challenge leadership and leadership considers them threats to the Organizational lifestyle.  Sometimes physical violence has been used, usually family members are hundreds of miles away or deceased, there is no way to get immediate help except by going to police, a hospital, etc.

Some cadres have been in for so long they know no other way of life and have become mindless drones, reciting classes from rote that are twenty some years old.  They think nothing of using terms like OPS or FIIN, even in front of non-cadres and forget that outsiders do not know these terms.

Typically sleep deprived and task oriented, cadres are denied basic essentials if they are considered to be “acting in a counter-revolutionary” manner.    The Organization utilizes an internal criminal system, not subject to external review, with judges picked from within the leadership with no opportunity for bringing in an objective party.

The Party has no position on sexual relationships.  It is neither approved or disapproved of.  However, for persons that elect to join the Military Fraction, then sexual relationships are against the rules and the cadres subject to the Party’s version of military discipline.

There is a lot more than meets the eye.  You are probably wondering, “What the hell did Johnny get involved with?”  I hope this page helps to clarify some of the basics.

I can only offer to help you understand what’s going on, and even that’s just my opinion based on my experiences.  There are a few experts out there that try to help you.

Ultimately, what you decide to do with the information is up to you.  Just let me know if this helps or you need other information.  Feel free to leave a comment in the Discussion Board.  We do not sell or otherwise distribute your e-mail address.  We do, however, confirm that your e-mail address is valid to prevent sock puppets, scammers, spammers or trolls from trying to compromise this site.

Please read the comment below added by another former cadre.  It is a different perspective of the cadre way of life after Gino’s death.

Thanks again for visiting.

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