The Truth About NATLFED

4-Other Sites

Some regular bloggers often find they have fallen prey to cyberbullying.  This is different than trolling.

Cult avoidance

People v. Foster & Paolo

Rosanne Henry I just discovered this site and thought you might be interested.

Knapp Family Counseling  for those of you interested in recovery assistance.  They are also on Facebook.  Sorry, just learned there is a problem.

Steve Hassan It would be rude of us not to mention his site as his webmaster was kind enough to link to our blog.

The Ross Institute There were some outrageous discussions about NATLFED until the person was finally banned.  If you can get past that, you might get something out of the site.

NEJA Tax Records (Public) as a 501(c)3 Type National Equal Justice Association in the search box.  Leave the rest blank.  You can use this link for any organization that claims 501(c)3 status.

Political Cults on Blogspot.  A blog that has been around several years managed by another former member.

The Public Eye Probably the most famous articles on NATLFED and Gino Perente.  Some former members attempt to discredit the article because the author included wrong information.  The Cave is the most notorious sore point, Gino’s room in the 2A apartment and not a reference to the entire complex.  If you are curious about physical locations within the complex, check out the FloorPlan.

A new NSWA link.

Non-NATLFED cadres discussing NATLFED in an interesting manner.

I stumbled across this little gem concerning Mark Levine.  He used to be the WRPC until sometime after Margaret took control.  I have heard the rumors as to why he left but I do not have first hand information.

Thank you, Pancho, for this link on Bay Area Alternative Press (BAAP for short).

Bunker Seyfert’s ESWA Philly video Wow.  Hey, the kid really does have talent.  Check out his other stuff too.  Some people have said they are turned off by the college antics at the end of the video.  That does not lessen the importance of the message he is trying to deliver.

Looks like WMLA has some interesting office space.

Here is a Zug.

Black Panther Party official site.  I am including this because of the recent number of search terms involving black panthers.  I suspect this might have something to do with the Commemoration Committee for the Black Panther Party in Oakland.

Therese Defarge weblog site is now working correctly.  I remember Elizabeth from the old days.  I am not surprised that she remains politically active.

Just found this gem about Rochester ESWA and thought I would share.

Another WordPress blog with a person’s opinion about Friends of Seasonal and Service Workers in Portland, OR.

Farm Workers Sell Tamales (better late than never) WFWA, Western Farm Workers Association.

Here is a short blog I stumbled across on Live Press called freaky freaky discoveries and thought it might be interesting.  The link on her blog did not work for me, so I do not know if she was referencing our site or the one created in 1996 by the family network.  At the time she wrote her blog, this blog was still pretty raw.

Sarah Bollinger — I am looking for your permission to post your essay “Families Who Wait For NATLFED Survivors” to this blog.  CU.

Cult Survivors Handbook for those of you interested in checking out this online book.

WFWA 26th Anniversary You Tube video (the link is now fixed).

This link will show you a grant award to EFWA in the amount of $30,000.  The Organization has been pursuing large grants for several years.  It used to be that they would not accept any dollars with strings attached.

Farmworker Movement Documentation Included for historical reference about the early UFW days and Gino’s involvement or lack thereof. 

The Wayback Machine This site was created by parents and friends of cadres.  Once their loved ones were out, they abandoned maintenance of the effort.  As such, the site comes across as two-dimensional.  They relied a lot on newspaper articles.

A new blog started by a WMLA volunteer.  Ah, the enthusiasm of a new recruit!  Some of us remember those days.

There are several Yahoo groups, semi-private (you must request permission to join before you can read archive materials and participate in discussions).

Wikipedia and the Wiki family have several articles and discussions.  Personally, I do not like the way any old idiot can go in there and change the articles.  Thank goodness there are a couple of watchdogs.


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