The Truth About NATLFED

October 22, 2017

Random thoughts strung together

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I’m apparently bat shit crazy, and you know – I’m okay with that.

It’s amazing how many former cadre abandon those that the cult labeled as insane.  I mean – really!  Even within the ranks of the formers, there are cliques.  There are the normals, your everyday Joe or Jane who just happened to get caught up in the cult.  There are the professionals, persons with alphabets of letters representing their educational and professional status (doctors, lawyers, keep listing).  Some believed in the group’s claim that it could really do it, but so forbidden to do it they left to start something else.  There are the crazies, and apparently, this blog caters to those that the cult labeled as such.

I could keep listing the various cliques, I suppose.  Right now, I’m more interested in some of the mini-cliques – persons harmed by specific individuals with the Organization.  I’m not talking about the Old Man or Her Majesty.  While he did many things and she continues doing many things, there were and still are others who do things.

Certain personal relationships with non-cadre are disallowed.  Okay, I’ll spell it out for you: sexual relationships.  It’s difficult to know who’s going to snicker like a juvenile or cry foul.  That pretty much means if you’re interested in someone that way, the person has to be in the cult.  If the potential significant other is not in the cult, you could attempt to recruit him or her.  While that may seem a good idea, just remember that someone else in the cult would figure it out and you would be politically reeducated.  Alternatively, they might even let you recruit the person but then ship the new recruit (or even yourself) elsewhere.

How many cadre abandoned the ranks because of a sexual relationship?  If you were MF, it was expressly forbidden as part of the discipline.  Just something about being a 3 x 5-index card, I guess (this is an attempt at a humorous reminder of a cadre explaining MF in a courtroom).  Non-MF persons were not forbidden, but there was an official Relationships Briefing.  I don’t know if it’s still in use.

It’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Is cult violence very similar to domestic violence?  I suppose it depends on how fussy you are about the labels.  There are many similarities in experiences suffered by women.  There is a false notion that only men can be abusers.  In this day and age of equality, some women can be just as bad if not worse than the men can.

Remember, the group was about control.  Every second of your life was subject to scrutiny, education, reeducation, discipline, the list continues.  It was all for the Organization.  It started in 1971, gathering persons for something new that would do it.  The first office opened on Long Island in 1972, and plans made with a twelve-year timetable to achieve the goal.  Why twelve?  That diverts from the usual five-year plans most people have learned about in study.  The simple explanation was because of the highly industrialized status of the country.  I’ve discussed the chickened out and blaming each other for why it didn’t happen in 1984.  Twelve years turned into forty-five years and still nothing.

As far as I know, no one has conducted a poll on the number of women raped by males in the group.  Yes, everyone knows about the Old Man.  How many women did he liaison with?  I don’t suppose I’ll ever really know with any certainty as he took that to the grave with him.  Some claimed it happened to them, wanting the attention.  He had a way of picking and choosing.  Others wanted to be part of that harem.  Then there are those who were not involved in such a manner with him yet others insist they are lying because of the persons’ frequent work with the Old Man.  I guess just because you made the man a pot of tea that meant you were also doing it.

Some former cadres are completely preoccupied with the notion of who was involved with whom.  So-and-so was with this-and-that.  Sounds rather callous at first, at least until they start talking about the notorious males that always had some sort of forced harem.  Remember, you couldn’t date someone outside of the group, so you had to liaison with someone in the group whether or not they wanted it.  One person suggested the victim had a choice.  Sure, let’s blame the victim again (I hope you realize the sarcasm).

There were a few married couples in the group, having joined as a couple.  I can’t give you the number of women raped by one certain husband while the wife went running off to San Francisco to complain about it.  I can’t give you the number of women who actively sought out the adulterous affair.  The lines are blurred in attempting to delineate consent versus non-consent.  There were also the women who were chased out by the wife in an extremely violent manner claiming an affair that simply wasn’t true.  Again, I can’t give you numbers, only that five such women remain confused to this day and shared their stories.

If you say something repeatedly, deprive a person of sleep, imprison them in a room for a month, nag them endlessly, have others say it too, well, it’s settled: it must be true.  I found myself questioning my own sanity.  The marriage was dysfunctional anyway.  The wife didn’t want the husband associating with so many females because of relationships.  The one thing in common that the five women related was the wife accusing them of being the reason why the husband wanted to commit suicide.  That’s some expert manipulation.

It begs the question: why were the women allowed to remain at that entity?  If the problem was so persistent, why not transfer out the husband and wife?  Problem solved, right?  At the very least, transfer out the women allegedly involved.  You don’t keep women in that situation for months.  She knows about us.  What us?  That’s my man – stay away from him.  What are you talking about?  I’m sorry I slept with you.  What the hell?  He nearly killed himself because of you.  Enough is enough already.  If the woman didn’t break from the couple’s madness and flee on her own, she was unceremoniously and violently forced out with no place else to go except a park bench or an emergency shelter.

This is coming up again because recovery takes a long time.  Some of you are probably thinking get over it.  That was twenty years ago.  It’s a long time to bear that burden.  Others suffered before while others suffered after.  It was allowed to continue by the Organization.  After all, they needed people off balance.

There are too many other situations.  Women have been afraid to speak up because of the association with the cult.  Apparently, women deserved it for joining the Organization.  Recruitment of new and younger persons proves difficult.  People are unwilling to disconnect.  I think it was about a year ago when someone contacted the blog and mentioned that the offices still do not use computers; instead, they continue to use typewriters, index cards, carbon paper, etc.  There is no Netflix, only rabbit ear antennas.  Wow, that was the reason not to join?  Well, I suppose the lack of modernization because of the paranoia of Big Brother out to get you has some advantage.

The cult is taking advantage of the recent wave of natural disasters (hurricanes, wildland fires, and earthquakes).  I’m sure they’re raising plenty of money.  Someone joked that Her Majesty needed a new limousine and wanted a private jet.  After all, the front organizations must send ten percent to the national office.

Just a curious aside – I remember one time way back in the days of non-stop phone banking at the penthouse ADAR when myself and another woman were give a pile of contacts from GOD (yes, that was a position: General Organization Director).  One contact in particular did not want to donate, so GOD instructed one woman to remind the contact about a certain fling with a particular woman when the two taught at university.  Yeah, that went well, as the contact saw fit to relate about an incident involving GOD and another woman.  It went downhill from there.  Being somewhat young and naïve at the time, both the other woman as well as the contact found humor in my grabbing a dictionary because I didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.

If you decide that some former cadre aren’t worth your time corresponding with because you think they’re bat shit crazy, well, that’s your prerogative.  Not everyone who the Organization claimed as crazy really were crazy.  Let’s remember the cadre forced to take psychiatric medications because a person in position of authority found an excuse to put down that person by whatever means necessary.  Such authority persons had little to no medical training and definitely weren’t even licensed.

How did they get the pills?  I know where they came from but proof about the how is difficult to obtain.  One doctor who left probably had no idea for a very long time that the cult still used his credentials.  That was in part why the cult lost the penthouse apartment.  The building management finally reviewed the situation after receiving a complaint that the doctor hadn’t lived there for several years.  The female cadre assigned to assume the role of the female person on the lease did so because she was ordered to, even though she was not the named person nor did she try to say she was the named person.  Confusing?  Her story (what the Organization told her to say) was that she was the girlfriend after the other girlfriend, the doctor left, and even though her name wasn’t on the lease, she essentially had rights as well as permission from the doctor to remain.

It is not my intent to besmear the persons who run around calling some former cadre crazy.  They simply don’t know what happened to that person.  They bought into the lies fed to them by the cult.  It is true that many people exited the group in fragile and damaged conditions.  If you follow some of the forums, you can still see some of the behaviors taught by the Organization continue.  I’m not the top dog, trying to sway everyone into a particular camp.  I’m just offering a view based on certain experiences.

If you’ve wondered why there has been a dearth of posts lately, it’s really quite simple.  It’s down to one person, and yes, in the process I offended a couple of contributors when I locked down the blog because accounts became compromised.  I know, some of you are thinking that I’m just making that up because I’m a liar.  I’ll never convince you otherwise.  The days of sharing log in and password information are done.

As for old comments permanently deleted, yes, I did that too.  I’ll gladly share with you my reason.  After several years of sharing the log in/password, I really had no idea who might be forwarding along that information to persons not authorized to post blogs or access the administrative dashboard.  I thought I was protecting persons by deleting their comments, which also had their e-mails and ISP addresses recorded in the logs.  A couple of people became upset over that action.  I’m not going to apologize.  If your comment was so valuable, just resubmit it.

The communities of former cadre remain distrustful.  The Organization used to rely on bullying strategies (physical, emotional, and psychological).  Someone told me the cult toned it down and I’m not in a position to agree or disagree.  I’m not in it.  Hell, according to one person, I was never really in it; I was there but just going along for the ride.

Yes, there are damaged persons who may never fully recover from the cult.  It’s difficult to find good help because this particular cult is flying under the radar of many experts.  They might have a blurb or two, even a few articles or testimonials.  You can still glean much information because cults have many similarities.  The Organization is not religious but still utilizes many methodologies in common with mainstream religious cults.

For now, I leave you to your thoughts.  If you made it to the end of this article, that is.  I know that some stopped reading a couple of pages ago (not that same crap again!) and that’s okay too.  I used to be slightly jealous of Diane because she had a passion that others approved of when it came to her efforts.  After she lost the battle to leukemia, I think that’s when things started falling apart.  I’m no Diane.  I don’t know what she really expected when she passed along the reins to me.  Maybe this blog has outlived its usefulness.  Is it fair to keep it going just because she asked me to?

If you are a woman who wants to share your story about the abuses you suffered, contact me.  You can either post it directly under your name, an alias, or do what others have done and submit it to post under the ghostwriter name.  Yeah, I know, to this day plenty of people think it’s always been just me.  Those who contributed in that manner know differently.

Thank you.


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