The Truth About NATLFED

May 27, 2017

Ping test, checking in, do not respond

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Some suspicious account activity has been reported to the blog owner.  Comments placed in moderation will undergo strict verification before approval.  It is kindly requested that any private correspondence be directed to the blog owner rather than through the comment moderation system.  I am culling through IP logs (boring, confusing, what is Opera without a great tenor anyway?).  Wow, a couple of  you are still using XP.  True, it was a robust and powerful thing back in the day but so was T-Rex.

I would also like to remind readers that any e-mails from a person alleging to be the original blog owner are not from her.  If you believe in Ouija boards and/or seances, you might contact her that way; she’s not corresponding from an old e-mail account.  It’s been brought to my attention that persons may be in correspondence with someone making that claim.  Blog moderators are currently locked out as an additional precaution in case one of their accounts have been compromised resulting in the suspicious activity.

I don’t “doxie” nor will I tolerate someone’s efforts to “doxie” a former cult member.  Privacy is a major concern of many survivors who fear retribution from the cult, harassment from apologists, toxic conversations with other former cult members, or any other thing that does not immediately leap to my mind as inherently bad or suspicious.

As to tracking down former cadre, it’s not my thing.  I have neither the time nor the resources to do so.  There are a couple of Yahoo groups where former cadre can request membership from the group owner, who is not affiliated with this blog.  You might capture lightning in a bottle.  I’m sure there are other ways too, but again I’m disinterested.  I remember several occasions where persons have contacted moderators with red herring missions.

Have a safe weekend and barbecue an extra hamburger in memory of old friends.


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