The Truth About NATLFED

May 17, 2017

I don’t get it

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Maybe I’m getting old and tired but I was reading something over and over…I just didn’t get it.  There just wasn’t enough to the message?  Perhaps I forgot the Aesophian?  Then I decided to let it go.  Sure, I remember POP as point of production, that’s not the problem.  I wondered if it was serious or someone poking fun.  It was fortuitous or sheer dumb luck that I happened to check that old e-mail account, used mainly to receive updates from a book selling site.

It made me realize that yesterdays blurred into a strange sense of vagueness.  I’m not even sure if the word surreal aptly describes it.  I do feel that I have made a small difference — nothing earth-shattering as others claim they have done.  Oh, during the heyday of this blog, there were multiple contributors submitting articles under the ghostwriter pseudonym.  That was years ago.  Those who haven’t died simply moved on to other things in their life.

Very few persons are interested in reminiscing.  That’s probably for the better.  Many events happened so long ago that such nostalgia is just a footnote in a counseling session.  You eventually get better and move forward with life.  Or maybe you don’t get better, letting it eat away inside you until you slowly slip into the madness, unable to escape, and then it ruins you.

The question, “Is it a cult?”  It has divided the survivor community in several ways.  Sure, there were the true believers.  Many joined because they wanted to believe in something.  They felt they were making a difference.  When exactly did it all go to hell?  What happened when so many left?  If you believe in an afterlife, do you think those who passed beyond have finally reconciled events?  Too many questions of contemplation.

What about those still in it?  Only a handful remain, and none from the earliest of days.  It’s the second and third generations now, along with whatever new recruits come and go.  It’s not the same.  There are no five-year plans, or even twelve-year plans if you take into account an industrialized nation.  (Assuming, of course, that I’m remembering that point with the slightest degree of accuracy.).

Be of good cheer, fellow survivors.  Most of us are doing okay.


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