The Truth About NATLFED

April 30, 2017

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Okay, it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything.  There just isn’t interest in an obscure cult that can’t even make gains during the current political climate.  We can’t confirm the latest rumor that the cadre base fell under one hundred.  In fact, we think that’s wishful thinking on someone’s part.  They’re not closing any MBA doors.  Maybe some of the business operations are falling apart, but again, we don’t know with any certainty.

What we do know is that we’re not going to approve any comment from someone interested in outing former cadre.  What is the point of outing someone who has been out for twenty years or more?  Furthermore, the things being said about these persons are just wrong on so many levels.  This is an example of someone who wasn’t there — or worse, the apologist is back attempting to stir up the pot.  Let’s face it, Mister Apologist, you won.  You’ve totally disbanded the network of former cadre; but at whose expense?

The ones still hoping to get out their loved ones some day, some time, some how.

We’re not saying that the cult lost all ability to recruit.  There are some colleges that still allow their students to participate in practical programs.  They allow their professors to invite speakers into the classroom.  We even heard a curious tale of a couple of the front operations resorting to bucket driving the airports as a quick fix to rent calamities.  We continue to hear of “organizers” who never spent a day in the field continuing to blindly read from the EO or STP’s as they claim authority as liaison.

We’re more interested in those who seek information on how to get out their loved ones.  We’re not going to advise anything illegal.  We don’t know the magic words.  All we can do is offer insight as to what it was like, what was the appeal, the hopes for a better future eventually subdued by internal posturing by alphas more interested in cash flows to support lavish lifestyles.  Yes, we’ve heard they don’t have multi-million dollar mansions (are you sure about that?) and the myth of $10K diamond earrings hanging from the lobes of the leader is just a myth (some of us did see that, by the way).

So now we’re back at square one of blaming a former cadre for recruiting another former cadre who is completely and totally messed up for life.  Take out your anger on the Organization.  What are you doing to bring it down?  Your stories are sad if there is a kernel of truth to them, and perhaps there is, but we’ve covered this in previous articles and private correspondence.

No one wants to rehash those old arguments.  People are tired of them.  If Diane was still alive, she might entertain another round with you, but I suspect she would have rolled her eyes and said something like, “That wart’s back?”

If you have any news, drop a note.  If you’re trying to roast someone alive inside a bronze bull, take it to the ancient world.  Who knows?  You might even earn a few power ups and extra lives playing your bizarre little video game.


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