The Truth About NATLFED

March 1, 2017

Have you ever wondered what happened to so-and-so?

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Believe it or not, the number one question of all time asked by visitors is: what happened to so-and-so?

Damned if I know, and even if I did, I wouldn’t tell some random inquirer.  I was asked what happened to so-and-so who left the Organization in 1984 and the inquirer really wanted to reconnect.  Huh?  That was 33 years ago.  If so-and-so didn’t reconnect with you already…

Was it really so long ago?  Yes, ladies and gentlemen.

I’m not saying that everything on the internet is true.  If someone were to look me up, they would find information mixed and confusing because one of my half-sisters has the same name.  I guess Dad was too lazy to come up with something original for wife number three, or he just forgot that he already had a kid by that name.  I guess you lose track after fifteen kids (four marriages, twenty-one kids in total).  She sounds off every time someone thinks he/she is being smart with the “background search” whatever tool being used and then gets really strange e-mails (sometimes even harassing or threatening contacts too).  She forwards the e-mails and then does her rant and rave.

Oy, what a situation!

There was a time we had an emphasis on helping former cadre reconnect with family, but the apologists really had too much fun with it impersonating family members and such.  For an Organization that has policy against the internet, their apologists sure do have a lot of free time to stir the pot on it.  However, they’re out to discredit the vocal former cadre, which the group refers to as The Network.  Wow, sounds like a bad movie.  Someone start popping the corn.

If I happen to know how to contact someone, I’ll e-mail him/her first and let them know some Tom/Dick/Harry is looking for them.  Most of the time, the person is agreeable to the contact, but there are a couple of people who just don’t want the contact.  Why?  Well, the inquirer, regardless of how sincere he/she might be, is an insufferable king of the world beats the crap out of everyone and every other toxic thing you can imagine.  Or the former cadre is just so jaded by the impersonations/allegations/tribulations/etc. they just don’t care anymore.  Maybe it’s something I’m completely in the dark about, mushroom that I am (yes, in the dark, as we’ve been told on many occasions).

I’m not going to promise anything, for I have little or nothing to offer except a good luck on your research.


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