The Truth About NATLFED

February 19, 2017

Alone in the Darkness

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I think it a fair statement that most have abandoned the notion of discussing a cult that refuses to die.  After all, it possesses no celebrities or persons from/of prominent families.  It has been compared to a leech, trying to draw away from other movements (or worse — taking credit for what other movements achieve and claiming hegemony).

Recently, I suggested that an inquirer contact another former member for a different perspective.  Apparently, I’m too damaged (translation: crazy) and very much unaware of current happenings in the group.  It’s true.  I don’t know who is currently in or out, except for the periodic updates through roundabout resources.  I think it took like two years before the Florida parents finally stopped pestering me to kidnap their adult offspring from Atlantic City.  I always said that was a red herring.  Mister and Mrs H, if you’re still following: no apologies; you’re rich enough to hire someone to commit that crime.

The recent inquirer thought he was doing me a favor when he told me so-and-so said that I was a liar.  What is that internet shorthand about laughing off the ass?  I asked him if the contact helped him at all.  The response: (so-and-so) said to let it die because times may be ripe but the cult will not be harvesting the crop.  That’s deep, I thought.  I also thought it was bovine feces because the person he was referred to has been out of the group for thirty years and has zero interest in the movement.

George, come down from those trees.
I’m perfectly happy to stay where I am.
Better angle to fling feces at you…

Ah, but what do I know?  I’ve been out for twenty years and have zero interest in the movement too.  Well, not exactly zero.  I help the charitable sisters with their food drives and fundraising campaigns during the year as well as their holiday distributions.  The poor are still poor.  The cult scammers still exploit that poverty.  It took VI five years (go ahead and scratch your heads) while the cult has been “at it” for forty-six years.  All original founders are dead.  If the group introduces you to one, you’re the one being lied to because it started with six and they are dead (GP, MS, PG, DS, DM, and HA.).  [As an aside, you’ll note that MR and AR are not part of that six, despite fantastic claims to the contrary.].

I’m accustomed to walking a narrow and winding path sometimes impeded by rock slides while at other times suffering the barrage of rocks coming from the sanctimonious holier-than-thou apologists.  Now, those apologists are creepy.  While just about every former cadre has abandoned contributing to the discussions, the apologists are still out there.  Why?  Because their leader tells them they must continue and they are loyal.

Life happens.  That is why I must conclude this curious contribution to a conversation that sometimes seems hopeless — until someone approaches with a lit candle to help the darkness go away.  I may not have the answer you’re looking for, but I do hope you find what you need.



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