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October 9, 2016

Once again talking about the money stirs up trouble

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Well, that didn’t take long.  Probably should have approved the comment just to show it was real but the flamer has his own website.  Let him rant over there as he espouses the virtues of his beloved cult and belittles the former cadre.  What’s the issue?  Apparently, Mary should have let the Organization keep the money rather than keep it for herself; or at the very least returned the money “to the people.”

Let’s get one thing straight: most everyone knows that Diane was the only one with enough chutzpah to assume the Mary pseudonym.  The sooner you understand that, the sooner you “get” where she came from.  That was perhaps why the former low-level cadre bought in to the apologists’ cunning silver tongue that she never existed.  As to returning the money to the people, well, maybe your beloved cult should stop stealing it from the people.

It’s been twenty years and the Organization is still upset over losing those monies.  Even I don’t know for sure how much.  I’ve heard anywhere between $9-12 million entrusted to a woman who thoroughly and completely believed she was what the Old Man said: his daughter.  Alright, it did shake up the family tree a bit.  However, no DNA tests were ever conducted to prove he was the father.  She planned an exhumation but her health in the end detoured those plans.

If every former cadre thought they had to return the money they stole from the Organization, why, that’s a dangerous precedent.  After all, how much money did the Organization steal from the cadre?  Siphoning off trust funds, seizing control of properties, etc. and then not returning those things when the cadre left.  It led to several lawsuits, most famous involving Mia.  Some of you are probably cheering, “Go girlfriend, get your money back.”

What about those of you who stole from the group in order to make your lam?  Do you think you should return it?  There are several stories of cadre loading up entity cars and leaving.  Those cars were donated by community members.  Yet those cadre took the cars anyway.  Perhaps the rationalization was that they managed the procurement in the first place, but the donation was to the front group not the individual.  Then the various clothes on the cadre’s backs also donated by community members along with shoes, coats, etc.  All piled up in those donated cars.  You needed gas money to make away from the area, so you took whatever cash you could.  Maybe even drained what little money was in the entity bank account.  After all, you’re driving 500 miles from New York to Ohio (give or take).  There was one person so determined to strip mine the office that she rented a trailer and loaded up whatever she could such as the damn stove, refrigerator, washer/dryer, and bed.  How the hell did she get a bed?  Every other damn cadre slept on foam pads on the hard floor.  Guess one came in donated and she decided she deserved better, being the only cadre in the office and no one really checked on what she was doing.

You know, you’re not supposed to sleep in the offices.  They are businesses, not zoned for habitation purposes.  The original premise was to maintain on site security in the event of attempted raid or burglary, with sending the rest of the cadre out to donated lodgings.  It eventually became kind of sort of optional to have outside housing.  The public line was to have someone on site in the event of emergencies (yeah, like they’d open the doors before 9:00 a.m.).

Of course, one office got around that by zoning the main floor as a business and the second floor as residential.  That’s the office where they fell behind in the taxes and mortgage, used that to rip off the part-time upper middle class cadre who wanted to do nice things for poor people.  One was so pissed she quit after how many years?  That $5,000 rip off is the stuff of legends and sorry but the cadre who stole it did not go to jail; otherwise, little miss housewife would have to tell her husband that she was sleeping around, he’d divorce her, she’d lose out on her beautiful six bedroom home etc.

There was one cadre who fled in a car from NOC.  I forget where she landed the car.  It was several states away.  I guess she gave the group their just desserts because she abandoned it at a train station, so it racked up all kinds of tickets and then eventually impound fees.  Does she need to pay back the Organization for that?  After all, you have to think like the apologist and the people had to pay those dollars to recover the vehicle (or at least prevent the registered owner of the car from going to court or jail).

Actually, if you think about it, there were several “lone cadre” offices staffed by one person for years at a time.  Those are some of the more dramatic escape stories in terms of what they left with including the people’s cars, monies, clothes, food, etc.  Even the jumps started with two.  Okay, so they were failures, couldn’t recruit, whatever.  Why not send in help?  Or someone else (a new team) to just flat-out take over?  That part never made sense to me.  What do you do if you have two entities part of one unit that both have just one cadre?  Well, makes for an interesting group meeting of two people.  Wait, what?

Okay, so everyone who “took” something when they left the cult should really make amends to “the people” in order to satisfy the apologist.  And hopefully in return the cult will return everything you gave when you joined including your jewelry, monies, even compensate you for your time.  At the very least, you should get the $5 a week they never paid (that $4,160 for a 16 year person, FYI) plus 5,848 packs of cigarettes (a pack a day) or the monetary value (I can’t go there, cheap smokes are $6 a pack in some areas or $10 a pack in others).

Before I leave this sarcastic note (you did figure it out that it became sarcastic at the end, right?) I would like to remind you several former members have written books.  Each one offers something different.


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