The Truth About NATLFED

October 2, 2016

We used to own the streets

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I’m shaking my head at a recent report that the original flagship entity is afraid to canvas the streets because of the gangs.  I knew it was true in other locations, particularly the more urban centers.  Some cities are in that weird stage of too small to be urban but too large to be rural.  We used to own Brentwood.  The gangs took it.  The cult has cut its losses on an area that once proved a historical gem in the crown jewels of progressive action.

You’d have to be a fool to go into a war zone unprepared, but the local front organization just said, “Screw it.  We surrender.”  Why?  Well, the old days of all males rushing outside of the building to chase away the Johnson Boys are long done.  They’ll piss on the side of the building and a sentry will dutifully note it in the log but no one will intervene.  That’s why the buildings are constantly being scraped of graffiti.

We’ve known that areas like Riverhead were long abandoned, another historical gem.  Does the cult even want to stay in Suffolk?  Knowing that they’ve lost the old bedroom community and farm workers have it worse now than before 1972, it’s time for the cult to leave.  When we heard the camp reopened, we couldn’t believe the news.  Yup, the Old Man must be rolling over in his vandalized grave (yes, we heard about that too).

It’s not the first time an entity has relocated.  Some offices have moved two or three (or more) counties away to “start again” including Upstate EFWA, Atlantic City (yes, we used to be there too until forced into Pleasantville), and a few others.  If the cult can’t hold it, that’s what needs to be done: move.

Not to fear; the good sisters on the Island may be afraid but they have the courage to remain and continue their charitable works.  As long as they’re handing out bread and fish, the gangs let them do their thing.  If they start talking, well, that’s another matter, but the sisters understand the tacit treaty.


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