The Truth About NATLFED

September 4, 2016

We cater to a small audience

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And you know — we’re okay with that.

In corresponding with an old friend, he suggested that we broaden our audience.  Currently, we only have a handful of followers and probably half of them are spying on behalf of the cult.  We know there are some who are interested in our weird and strange outlook on life after the cult.  We also know there are those trying to understand the cult because they know someone in it, someone who was in it, or someone in danger of being sucked into it.

It’s not that big of a cult.  Sure, they do a lot of blustering about 41 entities etc. so we know they have at least 41 cadre in the field working those front offices.  We’ve discussed the exaggerated numbers.  The numbers of benefit association members are highly inflated, always growing, never taking into account attrition due to death or lack of interest.  Even a recognized union has processes for members not active or failing to maintain good standing.  Ah, but it’s not a union.

In the state I live in, laws have adapted to encompass mutual benefits associations.  That’s not an accident, nor an isolated phenomenon.  Check out the laws in your state and you might be surprised.  If you’re a former cadre, check out the laws where you used to work as an organizer.  These laws have been silently implemented without a reaction from the cult.  What’s the rule for how many days you can volunteer before you earn the right to look at the books?  Dishonest groups have two sets of books.

There are a number of online support groups for survivors of mainstream cults.  As far as I know, there are none for survivors of this group.  Oh, there are loose knit discussion forums that become bogged with arguments that stagger the minds of those who weren’t in it.  There’s at least one of former members still dedicated to making the cause happen.  There is also at least one so-called support group for family members struggling with what to do when their loved one doesn’t come home, moderated by a current cadre who gleans whatever useful information he can and reports back to the group.  If there is a legitimate online group, we’ve yet to find it.

If you’re following this blog, you have interest.  Whatever that interest, it is your own.  Others may share similar interests.  There was a time we encouraged updates about the group.  We’ve learned not to pursue such efforts.  It is extremely difficult to find out reliable information about what’s going on inside the group.  There’s no transparency.  They suffer the same problems other cults do — victims of physical abuse too afraid to report it, extreme emotional and psychological duress, constant torment and pain.

If the entity has no money to keep on the lights, the problem is with the cadre.  Persons recruited through non-mutual benefits associations end up taking leadership roles, looking up how to give instructions from old dated manuals such as the Essential Organizer and the Systemic Tactical Protocols.  Only one entity ever managed to correctly implement the Special Event Protocol, and it temporarily replaced Suffolk as the flagship entity.  Yet it lost the momentum.  Suffolk may have had its problems, but it was a steady source of people, money, and resources to support the administrative offices for many years.

That’s why when we talk about things such as the procurement of roofing supplies for the Riverhead office, only those who were in it will understand.  Those donated supplies never made it to Riverhead; they ended up used for the brownstones in Brooklyn.  Stories such as the Big Duck may have a slightly larger interest base, but it is a historical building.

When we say we’re not interested in expanding readership, we’re pretty firm.  We could add pictures of cute, adorable kittens.  That’ll bring in the readers.  Egyptians used to worship cats in ancient times; modern memes reincarnated the practice.  We do want persons interested in the topic to continue reading as well as offer hysterical/historical outbursts from time to time.

This will never be a Pulitzer site.  After all, look who’s doing the writing — sad, recovering former cult members.

There was a time when the Organization recruited a broad base of cadre — all walks of life including ministers, professors, social workers, doctors, lawyers, medical professionals, even a genuine rocket scientist.  Something happened along the way.  When I read a memorandum that someone sneaked out of the group about boozers, abusers, and losers, it was a “tell” of the change in recruitment practices.  Don’t misunderstand me — they still have interest in the college kids, hoping to misdirect them on the crossroads of life.

Readership saw a temporary spike on our other blog when we changed it from private to public (with consent from persons who submitted content).  However, as it is only a handful of stories without new resource material, it’s also not going supernova.  No one cares, except those who still have any interest in following news about cult survivors.

This blog is not the definitive resource.  We always encourage that you do the research.


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