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August 7, 2016

A question to answer

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Guardian of Forever: I am the Guardian of Forever.
Capt. Kirk: Are you machine or being?
Guardian of Forever: I am both and neither.  I am my own beginning, my own ending.
Spock: I see no reason for answers to be couched in riddles.
Guardian of Forever: I answer as simply as your level of understanding makes possible.

Star Trek, The City on the Edge of Forever, Season 1, Episode 28

One of the things we’ve always attempted to do in earnest is answer serious inquiries.  It sometimes proves challenging when speaking with persons who have little to no understanding of the cult.  Things we take for granted must be presented in such a way that a person with little understanding can somehow accept to satisfy curiosity or other purpose.  It proves more challenging when conversing with persons who were in it but are now out of it due to the differing natures of assignments (site moderators originated primarily in New Jersey, New York, and Sacramento; whereas recent questions are coming in from Massachusetts, Ohio, and Alaska).

The most recent question proves most challenging as it comes from someone still in the cult — an apologist (a person who defends or supports something such as a religion, cause, or organization, that is being criticized or condemned by other people).

Apologist: What are you doing to make the revolution.
Moderator: More than you, and you claim we are doing nothing.

Needless to say, this invited scorn and contempt.  Anyone can hand out morsels of food or scraps of clothing.  Some of us work with local charities that do the same as the front groups.  One of us works with a particular group that actually provides cash assistance on an emergency basis.  Yes, there are limits of course, as such an attempt is predicated on cash donations.  There is never enough for the need no matter how many sugar daddies come along and bestow gifts.  Clothing is somewhat easier to obtain and distribute, particularly as people are more agreeable to recycling.

If you look at any of the front organizations, the first thing you must remember is 10% of donations are culled and sent to the national office.  The only thing not culled are the highly perishable items (meats, dairies, etc.) because of the practicality of sending (either the item goes bad or the cost to ship is beyond reasonable logic to ship, $25 for one gallon of milk is not practical).  Monies are a given — 10% is mandatory.  Cars are not practical to divide 10% but if someone donates an especially nice car (which does happen from time to time) then it is taken to the national office.

The workers committees are chaired by full-time party members.  Do not presume that the person is someone who holds a job as a farm worker or seasonal worker.  The person chairing the meeting is “an organizer”.  The days of persons such as Robert T leading the councils are long since past.  There seems to be a predilection to have an older person (sixties or older) in name as the president of the committee, again, a party member.  If the community members choose to elect someone else, the Organization will not endorse that election nor allow such a person to assume his/her role as president.  That has happened several times, even leading to one committee breaking away (there’s an interesting history, “the one that got away”, the one that went all the way and became a union because the Organization lacked the courage to fight the fight that the community needed).

The doors are supposed to be open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 7 days a week 365 days a year.  When the doors close, the cadre continue working into the wee hours of the night typing reports or finishing mailings that they could not recruit volunteers to do, etc.  There is no relaxing to television or reading a good book about boy wizards.  You work until midnight and then pull out your foam pad to sleep on the floor.  You probably don’t receive your five dollars a week for expenses (that’s in the Essential Organizer as well as a pack of cigarettes a day).  Someone please calculate how much that $5 should be based on inflation and current economics; it was established back in 1972.

For every canned good item we distribute, we are told we are doing nothing.  Yet we distribute more canned good items than the front groups.  For every Thanksgiving basket we distribute, we are told we are doing nothing.  Again, we helped distribute a lot more than the 150 baskets one front group boasted.  Note that particular group received those baskets from a church who needed assistance distributing them, so they did not really do the work to collect the donations.  There is a rumor that the church chose not to include the front in the subsequent year’s distribution because they felt the group was unwilling to collect resources to provide as part of future baskets.  Take but not give; that seems to be abhorrent to the particular church.

We leave it up to you.  We don’t purport to be making “progressive change” (see the Aesophian article).  We do what we can to warn people about a dangerous group.  No, they’ve long abandoned the weapons and such, favoring the passive “it will just transition” with hopes of people just “recognizing” they should be in charge.  We don’t even know if they still collect pennies for the forge and foundry.  Maybe they do.

If we answer your question in a way that you don’t understand, just tell us.  It’s hard for someone who wasn’t in it to realize what really goes on behind locked doors and safe houses.  The beatings may or may not continue; we can’t speak to that.  We can speak to the beatings that used to happen.  Most conversations sooner or later involve stories of persons who fled the group.  Very few stories center of persons who were violently expelled from it.  I remember Diane hobbling around with a cane, never really the same physically after what she endured.  They only wanted her back once they realized what Oldie had done (you’ll have to read the story on Scribd) and we suspect if she had gone back, they would have “recovered” Oldie’s assets and forced her out again.

When the leukemia finally won, many felt a personal loss.  If anyone could have successfully opposed the group, it was Diane.  She had the skills, the resources, and the determination.  No one called her group a cult.  When she passed, those who saw an opportunity for revenge went their separate ways.  Of course, it didn’t help that her husband had a different passion with the Travelers.  He saw no reason to continue her work; nor did another choose to take the helm.  Personally, I still laugh at the relatives who abandoned her who suddenly thought they saw a cash cow, but her husband made sure none received the slightest.

If anyone has ever donated bone marrow, it is a deeply personal gift.  You have to be a minimum 7 out of 10 match.  Were there better matches?  Probably, but we’ll never know with any certainty.  No one else stepped up to the opportunity.  Yet now they cry they would have if they had known.  We call bull.  Just as importantly, the one who did donate was just a 7 out of 10 match and did not expect or receive anything in terms of payment.

Ah, but we digress!  Perhaps we are so old that senility slowly enters our lives.  Maybe the encephalopathy (gradual degeneration in brain function due to repeated head injuries) has finally won.  Regardless, just mentioning her name seems to invite the apologists to do their thing.

The Organization believes in we versus them.  If you’re not part of us, you’re part of them.  In other words, if you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the problem.  Really?  So the head of household working 2 or 3 jobs trying to support the family is part of the problem?  Uh, no…common sense must prevail.  Things are not that black and white with we versus them (Mister Ross has an interesting article on we/them as a cult characteristic).

The head of household is not the problem but he or she suffers the problem and is supposed to be the one that the cult is fighting for.  The fight was achieved in five years in other locations; the Organization set a goal of twelve years because this is a highly industrialized nation.  It’s been forty-five years.  The apologist places the blame on those who are part of the problem.  You see, we are not we in their eyes; we are them because we are not part of their we.  Wow, I’m getting a headache trying to explain that.

If you do not agree with us, that’s fine.  Do as you must.  There are others who have stories to tell, experiences to relate, opinions to offer.  We do warn you about the posers — the ones who weren’t really as involved as they want you to believe but want to be accepted as part of the discussions as an authority.  There is a reason a volunteer was not allowed to take over one farm worker group and that was because he was not viable cadre.  What happens when someone wanted it but the Organization decides he or she cannot be part of their we?  Does that person become them?

Interesting questions and answers.


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