The Truth About NATLFED

July 13, 2016

Blog clean up

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It’s getting a little crowded…actually, some of the posts have little relevance to the topic at hand and while important for like 30 seconds about five years ago, just don’t seem to cut it in today’s world of curious researchers.  Some posts will be going away; others will be edited.  If you have any suggestions, drop a note.

Update: As a curious side note, we really have changed over the course of time.  Since we started in 2009, we’ve experienced our ups and downs.  In looking back, we can safely say we’ve grown.  It was a curious effort coming together, three women from somewhat diverse backgrounds unified by a common experience.  While the original trinity is no longer, the message still reaches out to a researching public.

How many of the original three remain?  Just one — and still the periodic contact with others who contribute from time to time with ideas or articles.  Let’s switch from plural to singular.

I still remember the first day the three of us sat behind a computer and decided to start this blog.  One sat on the fence, I thought it was a bad idea, and one just got on the computer and did it — much like she used to do in the Organization.  Stewing, over thinking, etc. — that was never Diane’s style.  The three of us made a few waves.  The blog grew as did the communities dedicated to discussing the matter.  It grew too much, inviting the ire of the apologists.

When Laurie passed, I thought some of the objectivity might have passed with her.  I think everyone who knew Diane could agree she had that temper every now and again.  I remember her lawsuit against the group, only retracted or withdrawn (or whatever the appropriate word is) when the leukemia began overtaking her.  It’s not for lack of wanting to give the group a noogie in the back — she just didn’t have the strength after the chemo and transfusions.

When Diane finally passed, well, all the bastards who did not want to donate bone marrow all of a sudden wanted to get in on the inheritance.  I never got a dime; nor did anyone else except her husband and her son.  I wasn’t even the perfect match — just a 7 out of 10, which was the best at the time.  That never sat right with me, all those people claiming to have been related to her (or claiming she was not related to them).  They came out of the woodwork to get a piece of the inheritance pie.  Don’t get me wrong — I didn’t want any of her money.  Considering where most of it came from, I really didn’t want a reason for the apologists to start coming after me.

For the longest while, I did my best to maintain the letter and spirit of the blog (if that makes any sense to you).  Apparently, I bored everyone to tears.  Then came along one of the guys, who kind of enjoyed making fun of us but he had some good pointers.  Another joined the merry band and then yet another.  Between the four of us, we managed to keep it going.

Admittedly, we did not have much success with Reconnection Railroad.  That was one of Diane’s dreams but not something she was willing to invest dollars into because her concern eventually came true.  Someone used the railroad, reported the workings to the Organization, and returned to her entity.  Several contacts became burnt along the way including a duly elected WBC President.  It just goes to show that even though the plebiscite can elect a WBC President it doesn’t mean that the Organization will honor or allow that person to be president.  They’ll just name someone else.

There were also the folks baiting the effort.  I remember the constant complaints about why we would not help kidnap the Atlantic City operations manager.  Really?  Are you kidding me?  The so-called parents kept insisting she wanted out but at the time the network had no contacts in that area to assist.  I asked around, gave some advice on what she could do if she really wanted out including how to access the domestic violence resources and emergency shelters.  After a year or so, the alleged parents gave up trying to bait a kidnapping.  I always felt they were full of crap.

Reality of course must set in; I do hear from the others and yes, we stay in touch.  Someone drops a quick note, someone else forwards an e-mail from an inquiring mind, that sort of thing.  Sometimes, a person inquires about the group and I feel the need to update the blog.

With today’s contact, I took a look at things and realized we used to post some juvenile stuff.  Wow, kind of like a couple of fourteen year old boys trying to slap each other or something.  There was some stuff about the pissing contest between Diane and Dan, including the banning of Dan’s IP addresses, a lot of “neener neener” kind of stuff.  I don’t even know if Dan is still alive.  No one talks about him much anymore.  Same with Karl — haven’t got a clue.

I don’t want to get rid of all the “old stuff” because some of it was written by Diane, and I think you can tell the difference in terms of tone, style, holy cow and all that kind of stuff.  I almost regret the day we updated the article authors; changing every one to the unilateral ghostwriter.  As I read through it, I reflect.  Yes, that was one of Laurie’s articles, or that was Diane, that was Phyllis, that was John, etc.  Some I struggle to remember who originally wrote.

Returning to the “we” — this blog may not be as active as it once was, but still remains a collaborative effort.  We will do our best.  Well, this proved to be a rather long “PS” to a short blurb.  We will keep going through this looking to do some yard work.


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