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May 1, 2016

When good cults go bad

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Now there’s a paradox.  Is there any such thing as a good cult?

As the weather continues to warm in the northern hemisphere, cults that rely on outreach campaigns step up the recruitment drives.  How many of you have dodged behind drapes upon realizing there are two persons at the door carrying bibles and wearing blissful smiles?  Unless you enjoy being the insufferable know-it-all who enjoys arguing with such persons…and there are people who enjoy trying to un-convert such persons.

It ties in to an old argument if the Organization started out as a cult or if it became a cult after several (or many) years.  We won’t rehash those arguments now; persons discussing the Organization primarily agree it is at this time a cult.  The group appears on numerous cult watch lists, although, admittedly more obscure than some of the major groups on such listings.  News is scant.  The group is mindful that the press jacket has been tarnished by ancient stories but hopeful that a new generation chooses not to do the research.

We do see the occasional news bit about kids collecting food for the poor.  We’re not saying that’s a bad thing.  After all, someone has to feed the starving cadre.  How else can a full-time volunteer eat?  His/her job is the organizing, and there is no pay.  Ten percent of every donated dollar goes to support the national office.  Locals do not pursue grants with strings attached because sooner or later someone will question what happened to ten percent of the dollars.

Some of you know that I do charity work with the good sisters in my spare time.  Yeah, I’m still going to do time in Purgatory.  It’s not about knocking off a few burning years from that sentence.  It’s the right thing to do.  Stagnant wages coupled to increasing costs affect the lowest income the worst, but even the so-called middle-income feel it too.  Sometimes it feels like tossing the bills into the air and the first ones to land are the ones that get paid this month.  You can’t even say the check’s in the mail anymore.

We do encourage you to research.  After all, we’re not the only ones with opinions or testimonies about the group.  There’s a lot that has been said, is being said, and will continue to be said.  If you’re following this blog, you have a vested interest.  Someone you know is in the group or was in it; or, you were in it.  Considering the relatively low numbers, it’s not a large audience.  The 45K members in Suffolk, as example, are members of the organizing base not the secret interior.  Even still, that number is inflated.  One thousand members a year should be recruited, so the number is automatically increased annually.  There’s no taking into consideration attrition (deaths, people who tell the group to take a flying leap).  There’s also no taking into consideration that the organizers fail to recruit that many members.  The number is based on an assumption.

How many people today would willingly give out his/her social security number to a couple of strangers coming to the door signing up members for the local drive?  It is a labor organization of a new type (45 years now) and collecting those social security numbers is a requirement to legitimize it as such.  Of course, only a couple of splinters have gone from committee to union (and separating from the Organization in the process) — referred to as the “ones that got away” from the group.  Such splinters shocked the leadership (they really found doers, movers, and shakers who built something from the ground up and refused to let the Organization put a leash on them).  Makes for interesting discussions, but no one gives a darn except those who were in it.

We don’t do a “check in” of former cadre to see who’s still around following what blog or discussion group.  Quite frankly, we don’t care.  The so-called ex-cadre network doesn’t exist.  Sure, there are those who remain in contact with each other, and some who choose to just keep an ear to the ground.  Most people move on.  It’s more anti-therapeutic to follow the discussions.  Old programming come back to haunt them.  That’s just how it is.  And yes, this blog’s moderators are crazy as can be (can’t you tell?).

For now, we leave you to your thoughts.


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