The Truth About NATLFED

January 30, 2016

The college recruitment campaigns are evident

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You don’t need to be a psychic to realize the cult is hitting the college campuses.  We once had a site moderator who was completely fascinated with the statistics mechanism, which included IP and if available site domain of the visitor.  Yeah, a free tool, so it doesn’t give you much information — especially when the uber troll was harassing us a few years ago, demonstrating his ability to do whatever hackers do to make it look like they are in France one minute, Singapore the next.

While most of the site domains are pretty standard like Comcast, Sprint, and Optonline, we have noticed several domains ending in dot edu.  Colleges in Massachusetts, Chicago, Rochester, CUNY, and SUSB seem to have persons conducting research.  What?  West coast isn’t dabbling in a college campaign?  (Snarky sense of humor, sorry.).

It bodes well that persons are taking the time to look into a group before making a decision.  Whether it is professors looking out for the welfare of their students or if it is students making a life changing decision, one cannot tell just by looking at a domain.  The unexpected spike in activity is highly suggested of a concentrated recruitment campaign effort (at least on the east and central zones).

The question of whether or not the group is a cult remains unsettled.  One person suggested just because it appears on multiple cult lists does not make it a cult.  Others say it started out as a cult from day one.  Yet others say it started as a legitimate effort and then went sour, turning into a cult.  It certainly isn’t a mainstream effort.  There are huge cults that people constantly discuss.  This particular group has barely 150 members, and even some of them question the validity of the group and are looking for a way out of it.

One question we have not been able to successfully answer is availability of documents on the internet.  Well, silly, it’s the biggest secret, you know, spy versus spy, carefully hiding internal documents in special bags and underneath floorboards.  Only the folks inside have access to those documents.  Every now and again, someone manages to sneak out something.  Nothing significant.  We don’t know of anyone outside of the group who has a copy of the groups constitution.

The Genesis and Analysis were presented in oral tradition; some were trained to render those presentations and did so hundreds of times.  Those who left with that knowledge eventually typed them as documents (we have that on our humble little rambling site, but even still a couple of folks said our versions were not quite what they remembered, just a bit off).  Let’s play telephone with the soup cans and strings — ah, that’s a reference lost on the young people of today!

If you are a member of the Organization and looking for documentation outside of it, you’re pretty much wasting your time.  The group’s documents are not warehoused on the internet.  What you will find are newspaper articles, weird little sites like this blog, FBI files, court cases, personal journals, that sort of thing.  There’s no point in asking us; we’ll just suggest you go back to your political commissar and ask for them.  Unless you don’t mean the group’s internal documents.  We didn’t truly understand the question of what documents you were looking for.  We gave you the sites, a link, etc.

It is cold today and people worry if they can afford to run the heat.  There’s no knight in shining armor coming around to lower heating costs for those least able to afford it.  Snow packs the roads, plows try to keep ahead of it, blizzards abound and there is no end in sight, it seems.  If you live in a city or town with one of the front organizations, you either don’t know they claim to offer assistance or you know those claims remain unfulfilled if you go looking for help.  Only a handful get help.

This reminds us of a story we once read on the internet, a journal written by a benefits member (not the same as cadre, mind you).  She was denied benefits for not volunteering.  She learned a valuable lesson.  If you are disabled and can’t volunteer, well, you’re ineligible for benefits as far as the association is concerned.  It’s not as if she sought out the group; they signed her up as a benefits member on a door-to-door canvass.  It raises an interesting notion: that she met the criteria enough to be signed up but not to benefit by it.

So the groups are concentrating on the colleges again.  Yes, spring break is coming up and if there’s a chance they can recruit some serious-minded students for one of the infamous “internships” offered, they’re going for it.  Just as important, it will build up to volunteering for the entire summer.  If they’re lucky, they may get one out of fifteen to join.  It’s a numbers’ game, one the group used to be highly successful at (and with better results).  College students have more resources at their disposal.  Professors and colleges are aware that cults use their campuses as recruiting grounds.

Keep researching, kids.  This blog might be crazy but hopefully you garner enough information and successfully follow the various links to other sites that tend to be more objective.


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