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October 18, 2015

Letters from Nowhere

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If you’ve followed this blog for a long time, you probably recall some of the fits of hysterics from former contributors overreacting to trolls and apologists.  There was one in particular who went to extremes to expose contributors.  It chased away several cult survivors, who saw the Organization making good on threats of persecution and/or prosecution.  Of course, these days we’re not considered harmful to the cult because we don’t post as often as we used to, nor do we overreact to the “letters from nowhere.”

You may be wondering what is meant by that phrase.  Well, the messages that come from disposable e-mail accounts that only exist for 24-48 hours before passing away into oblivion fit into that category.  That used to be a real problem.  There is still one IP address that remains permanently blocked from posting comments, which every now and then attempts to post comments that we refuse to approve.  Even if the information the person was trying to post was true, their intent was to further promote persecution by the Organization.

Wait, what?  Trying to post true stuff but not approving the comment?

We used to receive complaints from innocents — persons who were misidentified as former cult members and had no clue as to what the hell was going on when they started receiving e-mail assaults from suffering know-it-all apologists convinced they were so smart and sussed out the contributors.  These persons suffered because they happen to have the same name.  How many Smiths are there in the telephone book?  Ah, but people don’t use the telephone book anymore thanks to the all-powerful search engines.

One true comment was not approved because it was intended to cause psychological and emotional harm upon a survivor of physical (including sexual) abuse suffered by a leading figure in the Organization.  We know the person was raped repeatedly.  Why would anyone want to publicly post such events to include naming the victim?  In an attempt to humiliate the victim, to cause further stress and damage, particularly when her stories were never shared in any public forums discussing this cult (including this blog).

Why would someone throw a hissy fit because we refused to approve that true comment?  We knew it to be true.  S/he named the victim but demanded anonymity (would not identify him/herself).  Our refusal to approve that comment (among many others) led to several smear campaigns against several innocents.  One such innocent recently won a civil lawsuit against an unnamed apologist/troll, because despite that person demanding anonymity there are vigilante hackers working to expose such ne’er-do-wells.

Huh?  You know, kind of like a comic book hero taking on an archenemy.  Do you really think it’s legal to go up against the bad guy with guns a-blazing, shoot bullet holes all over their vehicle, chase them off a bridge and force them to drown in the river?  Is it legal for anonymous to hack twitter accounts of racists, make statements about the work of anonymous, take control of a couple of the racists’ websites, and then publicly exposed the racist members’ e-mail address lists?  I kind of liked that one.  Go, go, go hacktivists!  Marvel or DC should make a new superhero to reflect this modern-day vigilante.  Maybe they already have and I’m behind the times again.

Just because genuine people contact us privately to discuss the group doesn’t mean there is a lack of interest.  We don’t encourage it like the original moderators.  We also don’t discourage it.  Anyone with an understanding of those old pissing contests knows better than to invite him/herself to the apologists.

There are people with real questions about the cult but afraid of former members almost as much as they are afraid of the apologists.  Why former members?  Don’t they know the inside information?  Yes, they do, but some have become (or already were) bullies.  It’s their way or the highway.  They are north pole, apologists are south pole.  One has Santa, the other has penguins.  Yes, the apologists are also bullies.  While the two duke it out in the sandbox for superiority, little Suzie can’t get her pail out of the sandbox because it’s too brutal and goes home running.  She can always get another pail, but she suffers from the loss and goes to therapy.

By now, regular readers have guessed that the letters from nowhere have resumed.  One letter said we weren’t listening.  We are.  We simply don’t intend to engage in correspondence with persons who are out to hurt us.  We know that some of the fronts deliver clothing and a few cans of food as part of the benefits program.  We also know that many don’t deliver on the medical or legal benefits.  Some boast active job boards but fail to mention that the work is usually cash paid under the table by employers trying to beat the system.  It’s like the pick up trucks that go to a known corner looking to hire some guys looking for some day work.

We’re not bashing the guys looking for the day work.  They’re trying to get by too, trying to stay or get off welfare, trying to be self-sufficient in a difficult economy.  The employers looking for such men are “mom and pop” operations that can’t afford to provide health care benefits or retirement funds (some admittedly are dodgy with paying under the table so they’re also not paying into workers compensation or social security).

Yes, we know the front groups are already in their seasonal holiday campaigns.  Just as Christmas goods are already in the stores, so too are the fronts hustling for Christmas donations.  It’s not even Halloween yet (close, but not yet).  They’ll boast a hundred turkeys distributed at Thanksgiving if they’re lucky.  The sisters do better than that, still dressed in the penguin attire wearing the heavy wooden crosses, also wanting to make the world a better place and through Christian charity.  Even the wasps have a difficult time saying no.

George, what are you doing up in that tree?  Okay, that’s a reference for the survivors.  The Old Man used to talk about George in his late night lectures.  He also used to do a stand up bit on Jesus as a revolutionary, having the entire room laughing in hysterics.  Looking back, one could see the way he controlled the audience (including ourselves).  If he found a ram in the midst of the sheep, he also knew what to do.  He was a master.  We denied our lifelong spirituality and deferred to his (mis)interpretations because we were dedicated to a cause that was supposed to win in twelve years’ time but has continued for forty years with no hope of doing better than a hundred turkey baskets (maybe) on a holiday.

I’m rubber, you’re glue; anything you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.  Yes, a childish retort indeed, but the bullies don’t buy it anyway so why bother?  We’re not jealous of them; we pity them as they stay up in that tree flinging stuff and unwilling to come down when a primatologist comes along trying to lure them down with a bunch of tasty leaves.  Hopefully, we’ve matured.  We understand things differently.  We do our best to share what we can in the hopes that others avoid our mistakes.

This past week was a regional holiday celebrated by some states and some banks.  Yes, to some a holiday but to others it is a horrific anniversary of the slaughter of entire peoples.  It’s not a holiday that the group campaigns for or against.  The group used to (a very long time ago) incorporate some teachings as offered by sympathizers/activists with the native moments but that has been abandoned.  The group has become very isolated from the various different strata that it used to embrace.  No longer do you see the professors getting up off their behinds to walk the walk after having talked the talk for so long.  No longer do you see the doctors getting into the trenches to treat the sick farm workers.  There is no crossing over to labor’s side if it means joining a group that appears on numerous cult watch lists.

It’s not point and counterpoint.  It’s speech and then crossfire.  There will always be differing opinions.  Some will vociferate their opinions rather loudly, knowing someone will come along with the rotten tomatoes as rebuttal.  Then again, discussions about this particular group affect such a tiny percentage of the population that casual visitors who land on this site are like WTF?  They’re all crazy.  Release the pterodactyl from the bag to prove a lost world exists!

Now, to end on a snarky note — which we’ve been accused of doing and perhaps we do — please tell us about the typos, grammatical, and grammerical errors.


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