The Truth About NATLFED

October 4, 2015

The start of the holiday season

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Christmas decorations are already for sale in the retail stores.  Uh, what’s up?  Halloween is still 4 weeks away.  Everyone is already complaining.  We know the holidays are coming.  Wait until the day after Christmas to get the really good deals, but in the meantime pay 400% higher prices for holidays a couple of months away.

Yes, the charitable hearts will get sucked into the various cults begging for pennies outside of the grocery stores.  The cults are counting on this period of time to raise enough cash to pay for run down buildings that double as sleeping quarters at night for full-time cult members sleeping on foam pads 1-2″ thick.  The cults will also brag if they somehow manage to scrape up enough resources to put together 50 or 100 Thanksgiving baskets, Christmas baskets, and a few refurbished toys.

You see, it’s an interesting contradiction.  They despise “band-aid” solutions but then they hand out a few turkeys and boast and brag about feeding the poor for a day.

Cults also like to recruit from the lonely hearts clubs, the losers, the users, the abusers — anyone they think is stuck in the crossroads.  It’s a wonder they don’t hang out at the airports where the really lost can be found.

If you’re somewhat of income, in other words have lots of money, then they really pay attention to you if you give any inkling of sympathy for the poor.  I can’t tell you how many times the cult has swindled trust funds from heirs, only to then turn these people out in the middle of the night with no place to go after they made them burn all bridges.  Then the monies go towards fabulous furs, choice real estate, questionable business operations, et cetera.

Wow, you’ve been warned but there will be one idiot out there who will say it’s not true.  Even if they give out just one turkey basket at Thanksgiving, it’s still a victory for the working class.  If giving out turkey baskets is a working class victory, the charitable sisters achieve that with greater frequency, consistency as well as numbers than the entire federation.  Oh, come on!  Admit it — you find them adorable in their penguin outfits asking for alms for the poor.  Okay, so they don’t wear the old headgear (think flying nun) anymore but watch out for those crosses.


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