The Truth About NATLFED

September 27, 2015

There’s a reason you can’t make that turn

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I’m sitting at the stop sign trying to make a left turn.  Right or left, those are my options.  If the damn cars weren’t speeding, I could have made that turn several minutes earlier.  Do I dare try the turn and incur the wrath of the speeders who must slow because I’m now impeding their path?  Or do I wait another moment and hope the traffic eases?  If I dare it, what if I get hit?

Yup, overthinking the problem, suggests a friend.  Bolt forward and GO!

Nope, play it safe.  You’re a parent, a grandparent; your family needs you.

How many of you can relate to such a scenario?  At one point or another, you’ve found yourself in that situation.  It happens to everyone sooner or later.

You’re trying to enter the grocery store and some eager kid sticks a flyer under your nose pleading the cause of farm workers.  What do you do?


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