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August 30, 2015

Differing opinions on the minimum wage

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I had a bad experience going through the drive through, where the cashier was rude taking my order and then the experience worsened at the window. The cashier seemed put off that I did not want to pay until I had confirmation my order was ready.  The lesson was previously learned that once you pay, you’re stuck and they make you wait five or ten minutes (usually for the fries).  I said I would wait one minute or drive off; the food immediately arrived, so I paid.  Then, she asked if I wanted sauces.  I said yes.  After an awkward silence she snapped ketchup, threw in a few packets and handed me my food.  Then she closed the window.

This gal thinks she deserves $15 an hour?

I barely make more than that, and only after years of working at my company coupled with workforce classes at the community college to improve computer skills.  I can set up complex databases, design spreadsheet solutions, and still do enough word processing to maintain a 65 wpm speed (which is much slower than before the days of arthritis).

That is why many people will not support the $15 an hour fast food wage.  How many drive through experiences have you suffered?  Afterwards, how many times did you reflect on what you did to make yourself more employable and retainable?  That is not the solution.

What the fast food workers really need are hours and benefits.  Try your luck at getting a job at a fast food place.  You get stuck with 10 or 20 hours a week.  It’s never full-time.  And when did 30 hours a week become the standard for full-time?  Once you hit full-time, your status changes.  The franchises don’t want full-time employees because of the costs of benefits and such.  So rather than increase the wage for a 10 or 20 hour a week job, increase the hours and extend the benefits.

If you want that $15 an hour, please remember to include the straw with my drink.


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