The Truth About NATLFED

August 18, 2015

Everyone’s right except me

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Recently, someone commented on my preference of using kosher salt.  She said that I had to be Jewish to use it.  I countered that she liked to use sea salt, and by her logic she must be a fish to use that.  Well, you can imagine the fury such a comment generated.  Apparently, my comment was idiotic whereas her comment was “right on target.”


When I’m wrong, I’ll step up to the podium and shout it out to the entire world.  Hey, everyone, I really buggered up THAT time!  I guess what I should have told that person was to stop being an insufferable know-it-all-know-nothing; she should have run for the position of Mayor Asshole Philistine.  What I’m trying to say is that she was right and I was wrong: you must be Jewish to use kosher salt but you do not need to be a fish to use sea salt.

Some reasonable people would disagree with such an argument.  Notice the word “some” and not “most” because today’s generation is predicated on “I’m always right and you’re always wrong”  syndrome.  Yet, you would assume that would equate to most unreasonable people must be especially vulnerable to cult recruitment.

It’s a load, you see.  Well, alright, maybe not entirely a load.  We remember the days when the cult managed to recruit from all walks of life.  Now, well, they recruit from the loser pool that used to be avoided at all costs because they can’t get persons from all walks of life.  A homeless man has nothing to lose by “going full-time” for a while but gains three hots and a cot minus the snickers in the morning.

We’re wrong for warning to run away from the cult, but we’re also wrong for having left it ourselves.  We’re just as wrong for joining it in the first place.  As we explain our perspective to you, we’re still wrong.  It becomes even more complicated when we’re told that events we participated in simply did not happen the way we said they happened; yet the person telling us it wasn’t so — they say they weren’t in the Organization.  Well, then how do they know?

At least there is a bit of good news.  Someone decided to take our advice and escaped a dangerous cult.  Apparently, the ex-cadre network was the main focus of one of the famous late night lectures that ultimately concluded at three in the morning.  Some former cadre are branded as vile enemies of the Organization.  We made the list.  Yet we’re wrong.

Funny how that works.

You can always ask your questions and we’ll our best to answer.


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