The Truth About NATLFED

July 27, 2015

The line is the line

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Give farmers living prices and working men living wages.

Sorry, not a NATLFED line, but it has been kicking around for a century.  You can see the appeal.  It’s a very basic statement that brings together two different groups to achieve a commonality.  Yet an organizer argued her point against this statement, including an exhausting explanation of agribusiness having taken over farms all across the country.  You see, the line is the line; there is no deviation from it.

It’s akin to the holier-than-thou approach, the ‘we know better’ attitude — there’s no room for the electric light for 100-150 years until something can be done for the candle makers.  Whatever caused the electric light to be discarded was long forgotten and hence it is not easily reintroduced.  Apparently, the farmers have been discarded from the movement because “they don’t exist anymore.”  We think someone didn’t quite understand the situation.  Of course farmers exist, even if some are cogs in the agribusiness world.

When the camp reopened, no one except the locals gave a damn.  The group has other priorities and declined to get involved.  Quick, load the Big Duck on a semi-trailer and clear out of town.


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