The Truth About NATLFED

May 17, 2015

Hypocrite vs changed views

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Is there a difference between someone who is a hypocrite versus someone who has changed views due to the acquisition of new life understanding?

Take, for example, the apologists.  We used to be plagued by several of them a few years ago, yet now it’s down to just one.  He probably does it because we still do this blog, but other than that he’s just not that interested in fighting with the zeal that he used to when this blog began.  Of course, those who used to write for this blog have changed.  Some have moved on to other things, two died, a couple toss in a few pennies of wisdom from time to time, and one sucker makes an effort because people are reading the content.

We do get baited from time to time with rumors that seem too good to be true.  That probably means it’s a farce.  In one entity, a cadre has retired.  Yes, that’s the word.  With the building in that cadre’s name, s/he lives in an apartment over the office and collects the rent like any good landlord.  The group is somewhat befuddled, finally realizing that it had been wrong to dismiss what other cadre have said all along: that the cadre had been siphoning off funds for years building up a retirement nest egg.

Is it really true?  Only those on the inside know with any certainty, because as you know the flow of information from the inside to the outside is heavily controlled.  Even still, the information that does flow is not necessarily accurate.  If the line needs to be stated in a certain manner in order to contain the current cadre base, the group will do just that.  It can’t afford another exodus of people.

The Old Man used to say that the Organization WAS the cadre’s retirement.  With an aging cadre base, the group is desperate for the next generation to be recruited.  Yet today’s young folks rely on gadgets and computers tied in to the internet.  Just a couple of clicks and they end up on blogs like this one.  So of course we’re crazy, you see, to keep doing this.  There isn’t anyone else currently discussing the group.  Most have made magnanimous claims of taking down the group, but the group has survived despite the counter-resistance.

Counter?  Yes, counter.  The most effective former members have been sued, harassed, endured smear campaigns, awoken to vandalized homes and cars, had entire blogs set up against them with the most ingenious of half-truths, and more.  Yet we continue and the group labels us as paper tigers even though those struggling to find out more about the group contact us and then decide to run.

I wonder what is the new creation coming out in the latest Jurassic movie.  Run like there’s a T-Rex in your rear view mirror.  Apparently the new creature is a bazillion times worse, killing for sport rather than food.  Beam me up and get me the hell out of here, I’m not wearing a red shirt.

Sometimes people do change their ideologies and way of living because of life experiences.  That does not make them a hypocrite.  The group started in 1971, a good forty-four years ago.  It promised change in 1984 but then suffered a little setback called the raids.  Many of the movers and shakers realized it was not the solution they were searching for and so they moved on to other things.  Some say it was a cult from day one; others say that was the critical turning point where the group became a cult.

Yet the group continues to fail, hanging on for the sake of hanging on, sending forth money and resources to the leadership that enjoys the luxuries of being the leadership.  The furs, exotic jewelry, amassed real estate, luxury cars — this is what the rank and file does not see.  They just see a retired cadre collecting the rent, unable to collect social security but the Old Man’s statement proved true.  The Organization proved to be that cadre’s retirement.

What other ingenious retirement methods have cadre come up with besides dying?  Some ended up in retirement homes if they were lucky.  Others ended up homeless on the streets.  And for what?  A cause that should have died a long time ago because the leadership wasn’t really serious.


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