The Truth About NATLFED

April 10, 2015

When more is needed

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Most people eventually reach a breaking point, a crucial time of personal struggle.  Find a person who never had a challenge — you’ll fail.  There are constant challenges and changes in life.  From the mundane to the catastrophic, everyone just reaches a point.  It’s what you do when you reach that point that changes your life course.

Cults prey upon people in the crossroads.

What are your thoughts in the matter?  Do you think of the ones selling flowers on the street?  Perhaps the ones at the airports distributing leaflets.  Some say they target the ones in the crossroads because they are the easiest to snatch up.  What about a group that recruits from all walks of life?  That is why some people say in the beginning the group was not a cult.  It’s controversial to those who were there and varies from time of recruitment.  So it’s a complicated matter.

We do not have all of the answers.  We can only share what we experienced.


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