The Truth About NATLFED

February 8, 2015

You weren’t there but you know better than us?

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Once again, those who were in it apparently don’t know what it was really like to be in it — so sayeth the one who claims she wasn’t in it.  Let us pray to the special gift to the planet, the eternal know it all blanketed in the sanctimonious holier than thou.

We’ve before run into this particularly pesky pious pain in the you-know-what.  Why she has chosen this time to resume contact is somewhat confusing.  Fools go where angels fear to tread.  There is a reason for the quasi-religious references — it is to ensure our epistolary friend “gets it” (knows that we are writing about her).

Oh, let’s speculate on why the contact.  Someone leave?  Someone important?  Someone that may have been around a very long time?  Missing some money?  Blaming us for it?  Come on, spill the beans — the gossips of the world want to know.

The probable reason — well, we are a little clueless.  You see, right now, at this moment, we are not in it.  It is extremely mysterious as to who is currently in the cult and extremely vague as to who is free from the bondage (physically, psychologically, emotionally).  Years of pious pot shots from the eternal know it all have strengthened our resolve to call a shovel a shovel.

Apologists know everything, have all the answers, will prattle on and on about how someone is wrong.  People are not computers that can be rebuilt over and over and over again.  You program a computer, you reprogram it as many times as you need, you add accessories and memory cards, install updates, etc.  Sooner or later you have to upgrade the entire thing, so you scrap the old in favor of the new.  Wait a minute…cult members (current and former) can relate to this analogy.

The apologist has returned to the various discussion forums.  Be wary, gentle readers, for this person is not your friend.  This person claims to not be in it but will lecture you on how wrong you are and tell you what really happened.  It’s an interesting scenario.  Our mysterious apologist “knows” we know something about something that recently happened inside the cult.  Wow, that’s almost a little paranoid.

Most of the time, fleeing members leave with little more than the clothes on their backs.  There are some that manage to get away with a little more than that like stealing the donated cars and such.  These are the rank and file members, of course.  As for the higher ranking members, there are assumptions or accusations of missing monies that so-and-so stole.  Some say that it is just a smokescreen to ensure enmity on that person, the “we’ll piss on his/her grave after we win” scenario.  The highest ranking members who have left either get all or nothing.  After 30 years, you have to restart somehow.

We have discussed what the Old Man used to say, “The Organization IS your social security.”  Well, that’s not entirely true.  We do know of two cadre that have siphoned off dollars for 30 years, since the failed date.  There has never been another date.  They raised their own golden parachute.  Such faith!  Actually, they have known all along that it’s a sham, a scam, they can’t make it in the real world anyway so they flim-flam.

We also know of cadre who ended up seriously ill and died because it was too late to do anything.  These are the martyrs of the cult.  They died for the cause.  Uh, wake up and smell the coffee — a group that espouses free medical care but denies it to its own members does seem to be a little hypocritical, don’t you think?  These are people who knew something was wrong, political re-education kept telling them they weren’t committed enough, etc.  Then ker-plop!  They keel over on death’s door and then the Organization gives them the martyr crown.

There is one distinguishing aspect of this cult that is rarely seen in other cults, if ever.  Most cults, when someone leaves, that person is shunned in excommunication.  The Organization employs “Operation Retread” which is designed to re-recruit former members back to the group.  People like us are not considered for this retread effort.  It’s just that the Organization can’t hang onto the newcomers for very long, and the newcomers are difficult to come by, so they dust off the 3 x 5 cards and look at who they want to bring back to the group.

As for the renewed interest of contacting us, we can only speculate.  We do know that they are suffering an imbalance among the ranks — those in it for a handful of years versus those in it for a great many years.  The former understand the failure of the program.  The latter can’t organize their way out of a paper bag without getting politically re-educated four or five times.  The flim-flam folks have their back up plans at the ready for when it all goes to heck in a hand basket.

Do you really want to drop us another note?  Ah, yes, there is no us.  The Organization does employ a “we versus them” mentality so we must be part of “them” but somehow we are relegated to a new category of “one” because there is no us.  Where is Aristotle?  Sounds like one of his paradoxes.  This statement is false.  We’re not smart enough to figure it out but then again we haven’t had political re-education in a long time.

This is the insanity that spates from the eternal know it all, bounces on walls, echoes and reverberates, let’s get inside their heads.  It’s never a discussion, just a lecture.  At least we’re not stuck listening to it until five in the morning.  We can choose to ignore the next e-mail for a day or two if that is what we want.


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