The Truth About NATLFED

February 1, 2015

Recreational television viewing

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There’s no such thing as recreational television viewing inside the Organization.  With exception.  It’s not like you can tune in to your favorite SVU when it’s on.

Approved television viewing: the news.

Exceptions: the ultimate sporting events — world series and super bowl.  Oh, sometimes an allowance would be made for a particular team that interested the Old Man and/or those of the inner circle.  I suppose if there was an ultra soccer fan then that championship could be viewed.

Now the old timers are scratching their heads, remembering the days when the original chair watched a certain television program.  She liked those pioneer days.  It was especially convenient when it aired during dinnertime and she watched it from her desk.

We don’t know with any certainty if this has changed at the administrative offices.  Television, as a general rule of thumb, was primarily a distraction from the fight for progressive change.  We do know that at many field offices, particularly the ones with only one or two cadre (the majority), do not adhere to the news-only viewing.  Or the field offices run by part-timers that go home to their spouses every night, never revealing their daytime caped progressive changer ways.  As the internet continues to be eschewed by the Organization, one can also rule out the popular video streaming sites.  There is a rumor that a couple of field entities do have internet.  NOC used to have it a long time ago when the internet was still somewhat in its infancy.

You think as the Organization thinks, do as the Organization directs, otherwise you are subject to political re-education.

This is just a curious side note for what is expected of a truly committed full timer, the viable cadre.


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