The Truth About NATLFED

January 17, 2015

When you hear from an old friend

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It can be a little creepy to hear from someone you haven’t talked to in a very long time.  I think it was last back in 1984.  This was someone I really didn’t know much about but someone I once admired and she mentored me.  Then she was gone, no explanation, just gone.  During that period of time, lots of people were leaving in droves.  The date passed, we hadn’t won as predicted, some say we didn’t even really fight.  Ah, but we’ve had that discussion including the finger-pointing and the blaming game.

The point is that someone looked me up and sent me an e-mail.  I was a little suspicious at first, as I usually am with out of the blue contact.  It proved genuine enough when she discussed things that only the two of us could know.

They say that if you became friends while in the Organization that it is damn near impossible to be friends outside of the Organization.  The commonality of the cause no longer applied.  What could you really talk about?  I knew that the correspondence wouldn’t last long, and it seems to be petering off.  We really don’t have much in common.  But strangely enough, I still continue to admire her.  Not for what she once did, but what she is currently doing.

This is someone who never abandoned the politics and works with the official not the provisional.  While not running around asking how do you burn potatoes, she does work organizing the unrecognized.  How do you burn potatoes?  Mm, several answers come to mind: leave them in the oven too long, microwave on the wrong setting, deep fry too long or use a blow torch just to see what happens.  Very well, I’m sure you can think of a better way.

There are some who left with the intent of building something else who were truly intent on the task.  Most just started their lives over again.  Certainly, in the last decade, that proved especially true for escaping cadre.  You have to remember that in the beginning there was a core of true believers from all walks of life.  Those days are long gone.

Someone else who left a year ago described the current recruitment processes.  It was more than just about those who might be particularly viable to the politics.  They look for the loners, the ones with few ties, the ones at the crossroads.  It is less of an interruption of the idyllic life blissfully unaware of the true conditions of life.  People like that make poor recruits and don’t last long apparently.

I guess the humor of working with the sisters struck a fancy and she decided to look me up.  From time to time, I’m sure we’ll stay in touch to a degree.  It did stir up some old memories and that’s okay.


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