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December 20, 2014

It isn’t the reason for the season

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I ran into someone who was dropping off a couple of old toys as a donation.  They were in really good condition and “higher end” toys (a barbie jeep that the daughter outgrew, some kind of not-the-latest-but-still-recent gaming consoles).  The person in charge of the collection was gracious, as always, but you could tell some of the volunteers were eying the particular donation with interest.

It gets a little strange as the donor talks to the supervisor.  You see, the donor was just going to throw them out anyway but someone said the poor would just pick through the trash pile at the dump while high on methane.  Kind of went downhill after that.  It was the poor’s fault for being poor but this guy was going to be charitable anyway.  His plans for toys for his own children included all kinds of exorbitant gifts.  The kids had a limit of $500 to spend on friends and family.  Plus some kind of Christmas feast with all of the relatives coming, fully catered of course to include the traditional turkey and ham but fresh lobsters and caviar (maybe not the caviar, maybe I imagined that side dish having been mentioned, someone else told me he didn’t say caviar).

The only reason the man was personally dropping off the presents, by the way, was because so it would count in his favor at the Pearly Gates.  He would have had a servant do it otherwise.  I guess if the servant physically did it, the deed was reconciled against his entries of good works rather than that of the master.  Obviously, the man was some kind of a Christian but a snooty not-really-Catholic variety.  He sees entry to heaven like some kind of a tax audit.

I was far more impressed with “regular folks” coming in, some with recycled toys and others with new purchases.  Some came in to drop off a $5 or $20, apologizing they couldn’t do more, then running off to their job.  The local coffee in the trailer establishment (I refuse to say coffee shop when it is just a kiosk in a parking lot with a few tables outside plus a drive through window) dropped off $10 gift cards insisting the volunteers should enjoy them.  (You should note that everyone opted to put those gift cards in the donation basket.).

How many of you are running around looking to buy, buy, buy?  More, more, more?  Stuff, stuff, stuff?  Not being a Grinch here, but for some people the season is about the art of one-upsmanship with the gifts.  And when the season comes to an end, they’ll boast and brag about what they got for their kids sipping on champagne.

Meanwhile, all the seasonal stores will close up shop.  The big chain stores will lay off the temporary hires.  The pineapple express will turn into a polar vortex.  The unemployment rate will sharply increase.  And the supervisor of the toy collection will move on to her project of collecting food, blankets, warm winter clothing, etc. I once made the mistake of saying she wasn’t a real nun because she chose to not wear the traditional habit.  It’s not what’s on the outside that counts but what’s on the inside.  Just whack my knuckles with the ruler already!  Fewer nuns wear the habit in public anymore.  It’s a safety thing.

While a few spectacular donations were collected and perhaps a few more in the next few days, the bulk are modest.  Volunteers will go about on the eve to make the deliveries using fake names (all the men are Joseph and all the women are Mary, you see).  As many as possible will have been wrapped in decorative paper but in the end there is the old stand-by of brown shipping paper.  The donor of the spectacular will have his giant feast and not think twice about those who suffer.

While you’re running about planning your cruises or buying super sports cars for your college kids, remember — you’re entitled.  It’s not your fault that the poor are poor.  You own a chain of stores and one is just making a mere 15% profit so you decide to close it.  It’s not your fault that suddenly 100 people are without a job.  Hey, you gave the manager a chance to transfer to another location in another state but for some reason the sucker wanted to stay around family.

Coming home and watching a late night show, I have to disagree with the host.  Let’s worry about adorning people with the ugliest sweaters imaginable.  It’s far easier than giving warm winter coats to the needy.  Really — who needs an ugly sweater with blinking lights?


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