The Truth About NATLFED

December 18, 2014

Dude, thanks for the notice

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We appreciate being missed, not having written a post in a while.  With the holidays, we’ve been busy with various activities in our own local areas working with food banks and toy distribution programs (plus working regular jobs too).

It’s a busy time of the year in general.  Some take advantage of the seasonal jobs, hoping to save enough to make it through the winter.  Others are caught in the high turnover rates as companies work diligently to avoid having to make permanent hires with benefits.  Add to that a ton of over-commercialization of the season and the expectations, it’s difficult.  Not putting up an over-the-top Christmas display?  You must be a Scrooge, as the judgmental neighbors cry.

After all, why does Santa wear a red suit?  A beverage company made that change so he would fit in with the can decor better.  (The suit was originally green, in case you’re wondering.).

You know what you need to do this season.  If you choose to volunteer or donate, do the research on the group you’re going to work with so you can make an informed decision.


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