The Truth About NATLFED

November 30, 2014

When the cold wind blows

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Some of us are located away from God’s “ice bucket challenge” with the Nor’easter.  Others are digging tunnels.  It is kind of difficult to tweet with an old Royal typewriter, but if you’re snowbound then at least you can still do the FIIN letters.  (Former insiders will get the joke.).

Do not let scam artists tell you they are delivering food or firewood by snowmobile.  That seems to be on the rise in some areas where they suffered 7′ of snow.  Snowmobiles can only go so far before needing gas.  There are a couple of well-organized networks, unaffiliated with any of the NATLFED locals.  Boys and their toys — suddenly those trucks with over-sized tires are somewhat useful despite the bad gas mileage.

Winter survival campaigns are an annual fundraising and recruitment activity run by NATLFED affiliates in the areas subject to the cold and snow.  We have discussed “targets of opportunities” and as tasteless and cruel as it may sound, the Nor’easter is a target of opportunity.  The front organizations will exploit this act of God to expand its coffers.

The Organization always say the two greatest things are people and money.  Notice how the people comes first?  It implies people are more important.  Yet when push comes to shove, money is pursued first and foremost.  Why?  If you’re in an entity that is about to get its lights shut off, you’re not going to run a class on the IM Young Strike for a couple of volunteers that you’re trying to violate.  (Remember – violate is part of the jargon, a change in status to bring the recruit closer to the inside of the Organization.  Although it does imply something else.  Still, it is rather nasty.).

They will get on that phone, call for the dollars, call for the food, call for the winter clothing, call, call, and call some more for stuff.  Ten percent of what is generated is exported out of the area to support the National office.  Depending on how empty the local pantry is, food and other resources will be diverted to satisfy the needs of the local office.  And remember, the Organization does not give out money.

You are better off taking your food and clothing directly to the doorstep of a low-income person.  Toss in a few dollars if that’s all you have.  Or use the established charities that use the minimal amount to keep their offices and staff taken care of.  Some of them operate on very little, a lot less than the front organizations, and provide a lot more relief to those in need.

This will, of course, start the old argument about band-aid solutions.  And that argument is conducted among the ranks of former insiders who still kind of give a damn.  Others too, we’re sure, but as this blog is somewhat focused on a topic people only care about when it directly affects them, well, what else can you expect?

As always, do the research.  There will not be airlifts of resources from sunny climate areas to snow buried localities even if such things are promised.  The so-called airlifts only happened a couple of times.


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