The Truth About NATLFED

August 25, 2014

Beware of scammers post-earthquake

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The danger of post-earthquake efforts includes scammers taking advantage of the situation to divert desperately needed resources away from victims.  Most people think about the bridges that need to be fixed, roads repaired, other points of infrastructure, helping families who lost many things due to the quake.  There is a sense of generosity to help those in need, and scammers prey on that.  They raise monies, collect resources including food and clothing, as well as get you to easily sign up for their volunteer activities.

We always encourage you to research the groups you choose to donate to or volunteer with.  It’s not just NATLFED.  There are other scammers out there, so do some research.  Remember: you want to genuinely help the victims, not line the pockets of those intent on fleecing your hard-earned dollars.


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