The Truth About NATLFED

July 5, 2014

Research before donating in Philadelphia

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It doesn’t matter what caused the fire in Philadelphia.  Click to read the article.  There will be some exploiting this tragic situation.  We wish to remind you that just because a group claims to be raising funds/procuring resources to aid victims doesn’t necessarily mean those victims will receive those monies or resources.  None of the front organizations associated with NATLFED give money to members.  All dollars go to supporting the organizing drive, with at least 10% siphoned to the national office.  If fundraising is conducted in the NY metropolitan area (see list of organizations), none of those dollars will go to Philly.

This next part will sound a little cruel and cold hearted.  A disaster such as a fire is used by the group as a target of opportunity.  We’ve discussed that before in previous articles.

So please…do the research.


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